He doesn’t actually get on the computer to do it, but he says he’ll do it every day. Is that sound we just heard the internets BREAKING INTO THIRDS????
Message: Dave Sim’s blogandmail #1 (September 13th, 2006):

Hi and welcome to my Blog. I’m actually going to try to stay current with this on a daily basis, having noticed that I spent way too much time saying to myself while answering my escargot mail “I really should make a note of that and let the Yahoos know about it” and never, you know, actually doing it. Even tried self-inducing a trance-like state and saying to a particular paragraph in a letter I was working on: “Go to Larry Hart (or Lenny Cooper or Jeff Seiler or Jeff Tundis or…you get the idea). Go to him now and tell him what you have to say. Tell him to post you to the Yahoo discussion group. Go now” You know, I figured if I had it typed on my computer screen and I just wanted it to go to another computer screen, maybe I could make it into a Lassie-type gig. “Go to the Yahoos. Tell them you need help.”

Finally, I decided to make Uber Yahoo and Minister-in-Charge-of-Checking-Dave Sim-for-Hypocrisy-on-Behalf-of-Secular-Humanists-Everywhere Jeff Tundis (check out his www.cerebustheaardvark.com website, still in progress) my posting victim. The nice thing about Jeff is, like me, he is always working so I never have any trouble getting him on the phone. The even nicer thing about Jeff is that even though he’s up to his ass in crocodiles as a general rule, he’s always glad to find out what it is that I want (or he’s glad to pretend to be interested in finding out what it is that I want which is “close enough for government work” for me!). He pretty much put this format together while I was still talking to him on the phone and asking him if it was possible. So I really found out that it was possible for me to do a Blog without actually being hooked up to the Internet and found out that I was now doing a Blog pretty much in the same moment. So, we’ll launch the new “Blog & Mail” right after this brief commercial message.


  1. Why do I have a bad feeling about this? I feel like it’s going to be “Tangent” all over again, but I hope not.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about this turning into a “Tangent” just yet. Dave is more intent on trying to use the internet as an informational/promotional tool. So far, so good, IMO.

  3. Think about buying my ‘avant-garde’ novel. Thus, you shall receive enlightenment from thy inner self how to proceed (with 24/7 sardonic satire, of course). It’s a win/win situation, dude. God bless you with discernment.