We debated on whether to link to this gem, found while Technorati surfing for the Baltimore con, or not, since the writer is obviously an attention seeking jerk, but we wanted to remind everyone that what you read on the internet stays on the internet. Perhaps the fact that this bottom-feeding commentary was directed at George Perez, one of the most gracious, giving and kind-hearted professionals in our field — someone who has battled health problems to come to shows and spend time with his fans — well, maybe that just got our dander up.

So enter, if you dare, The World Of Chad:

George Perez was next on my list. I almost got right up next to him, but before I did some douchebag from an online tv show interviewed him taking up all his time. After a few minutes, Ryan and I sabatoged his interview, by singing the themes to Filmations Ghost Busters, Solar Man and Defenders of the Earth. Annoying the shows host, his wife says to me “Can you boys stop it?”. As she was putting her stuff away, her boyfriend thanked Mr. Perez for helping them, I farted right in her face. And I’m glad I did, because now Perez is saying to everyone “I can’t sign anymore today. I’m just drawing” That bastard and his ugly bitch wife screwed up and wasted my time. Fuck them both. “C’mon, I waited in line for you, man. You owe to me and everyone in line.” “Sorry! No more! I’m only sketching” Fucking asshole. If it wasn’t for the fans, he’d be fucking broke.

Lest you think this is some kind of Beavis-like parody, the rest of the website — set against a Columbine-esque background of rising flames — professes how much he hates people and goes on and on about the Bears and wrestling and what not. We’ve read the site so you don’t have to, but if you ever wondered what was going through the mind of the most idiotic, obnoxious, fans on the floor, Chad’s world will give you a view.

There is indeed a fucking asshole here, and it isn’t George Perez. So if you see Chad wandering around at a con, we suggest you give him the reception he so richly deserves, what with him being king of the universe and all.


  1. Someone’s bitching that George Perez would continue to sketch but not sign? Um…hello, Perez ART here.

    I mean, all of it is truly ridiculous and assholish in the extreme, but who in their right mind would be all pissed that Perez decided to go with drawing for his fans? That’s truly the greater commitment, ya know?

  2. Anyone with the attitude of “You Owe Me” needs a swift kick in the ass. Creators don’t “owe” me anything.

  3. C’mon Heidi…don’t tell me that you can’t go on many a comic-related message board and find this same type of schlock.

    This is what happens in a day and age when kids can’t get their asses kicked by their parents, since DHS seems to wanna villify anyone slapping a bad child. Any comic con will point out that the majority of younger folk out there have almost NO MANNERS in the least bit while thinking the world owes them something for still living home with their parents and going to school forever.

  4. I was just talking to someone about how you never hear people using good manners anymore. It’s like people don’t see a need for it. I heard somewhere that manners isn’t about making yourself look good, it’s about making those around you feel comfortable. I’m not a saint, by any means, but intentionally pissing off strangers is such a drain on society. I don’t think this kid even realizes it.

    I’m going to stop before I turn this into an essay. Nice find Heidi.

  5. “I only had a few dollars left, and some money mom gave me to pick her up a desert later.”

    What an odd thing for a mother to ask her child to buy. I’m partial to rain forests, myself.

  6. “What an odd thing for a mother to ask her child to buy. I’m partial to rain forests, myself.”

    Don’t be so quick. I hear the Kalahari is on sale this month, and the options are simply marvelous.

  7. I am so embarassed that I live in the same state as this guy. Marylanders are all this ignorant. A lot them are even decent human beings.

  8. Well, to be fair, hundreds of thousands of people know and love George Perez.

    And this guy is, well, this guy.


  9. I’ve seen other comments like his, and worse, on other sites, so there wasn’t really much there to shock me. Sadly, I guess I’m desensitized to that kind of thing. :-(
    That said, I’d give about anything just for a doodle from Perez, in person no less.

  10. Gosh. I must be getting old to be complaining about how teenagers don’t have any manners anymore, etc. But seriously — has it ever been *this bad* before? I mean drug use, teen pregnancy, school violence, binge drinking aside… can we all try to NOT be assholes? Can we at least make an attempt? And not wear it like a honor? You shouldn’t be able to act that way without someone setting you straight.

    Also, on a random note — people also have forgotten elevator etiquette, that bothers me.

  11. His anger is misdirected, but it isn’t unjustified. He should be angry at the “press” not George Perez. If you want to talk manners, what’s with all these supposed journalists stepping over fans who have been waiting in line. Are press rooms not available? Is common courtesy not required of press-folk? It’s called an appointment. George Perez made an appointment to sign for his fans. The press needs to make their own damn appointments.