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That’s at Jim Hanley’s Universe this afternoon, 4 West 33rd St.. across the the cartoon museum-less Empire State Building.


  1. David Lloyd was so cool and only something like 8 people showed up to see him in Baltimore on Sunday. Too bad.

  2. How was it helpful to post this only a few hours before the event?
    I had no idea this was going down. I know it’s not your fault, but I wish Hanley’s had actually marketed the event, or sent our press released to You and Comics Pulse or something. Maybe a big add in WIzard?

    I really had no idea. I would have gone if I’d know.

  3. Well, you raise a good point, Anon. I did post about this in a larger posting about Hanley’s signing schedule a week or so ago, but I’m currently not satisfied with my posting schedule for events. I tend to do it day of, but maybe that is not the best way. What does everyone else think?