Comics all-stars Chip Zdarsky and Adam Kubert are teaming to bring Peter Parker “back to basics” in a new #1 coming in June. As a companion to the regular Spider-Man book, it will spotlight Peter and his NYC friends and environment – an exciting world of artisanal kale, Lyft and Amazon Prime no doubt.

Zdarsky has shown a deft touch reimagining comics icons with his other Marvel and  Jughead work, and Kubert is one of the best in the biz, so if this is the beginning of Marvel’s rumored “top talent, back to basics” approach let’s see how it rolls.

The book gets a preview in Marvel’s FCBD comic.


“With [Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man] we’re using the same Spider-Man continuity, but shifting the spotlight back to his NYC environment and supporting cast,” says series writer Chip Zdarsky speaking with Entertainment Weekly. “But even though we’re pushing to make it a more personal book, we’re still going to have big adventures with ramifications that’ll be felt in other books. If I had a true mission statement for the book it would be: ‘Have fun, have heart, have stakes.’”

Fans can swing into action this June when Zdarsky and Kubert bring you PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #1 – available wherever comics are sold. Can’t wait that long? Don’t’ miss your first taste of this highly anticipated series on Free Comic Book Day (May 6th) with a special 10-page story from Chip Zdarsky and Paulo Siqueira!

Art & Cover by ADAM KUBERT
On Sale in June



  1. “I know, let’s reboot to #1 every time our sales start dropping and our events flop.” This is yet another reason I’ve bailed on Marvel and D.C. I use that money to build my silver and bronze collections. There is more story ( dialogue) in one Bronze Age book than in six consecutive issues of any current titles. I don’t remember the writer, but he mentioned on Word Balloon that he was castigated when his books became “too wordy”. And for some odd reason the Wasp, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man (my personal fave) , et al, are no longer those characters. I have an idea, create new and kick ass characters of all races, ages, sexes, religions, and nationalities to integrate into the various universes without taking the easy way and repurposing existing, loved characters. And don’t get me started on the relative value of new comics. Rant over. Walking away now……✌

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