As you may know, Marvel is re-[doing] their line with 60 new titles this fall. The whole line will be revealed soon (solicits are coming) but here’s the line-up thus far — we’ll update as more is known. So far nine titles of the 60 or so have been announced, and the creative teams are unsurprising. No knock on the very talented people involved, just an observation. But who knows what the future holds? What do you think? Is this exciting? Or about what you expected?

Coming Fall 2015!

Like Spider-Gwen, this all female team—She-Hulk, Medusa, Captain Marvel, Dazzler, and Nico Minoru and newcomer Singularity—is rebooting with a new #1, and an exciting cover that shows that an a-line frock now counts as a superhero costume. I want to cosplay THAT.

So who is the mysterious Singularity? Where is she from?  And how will she pull our band of heroes together? “Readers first became acquainted with Singularity during our blockbuster summer event SECRET WARS,” says series editor Daniel Ketchum.  “At the conclusion of SECRET WARS, Singularity will arrive in the new Marvel Universe. And when she discovers that its fate is hanging in the balance, she will summon A-Force to her side to battle a threat the likes of which they’ve never seen.”

With the world in danger, the call is made – A-FORCE ASSEMBLE! Marvel’s most powerful women are ready to take the world by storm and no one is more excited to present the new A-Force team than series writer G. Willow Wilson. “Given the tremendous fan response to the A-FORCE SECRET WARS series, I’m very excited to bring this wonderful cast of characters home to the new Marvel Universe. She-Hulk, Dazzler, Nico, Medusa and an exciting lineup of guest stars will take on a threat unlike anything they’ve ever faced before.”



Written by GREG PAK
Art & Cover by FRANK CHO
Coming Fall 2015!

This will be a new shocking person as the Hulk. Internet speculation says it will be former teenage sidekick Amadeus Cho, who appeared in Pak’s original Hulk run; perhaps as a bonus his mother is Dr. Helen Cho who was in Avengers Ultron.

“For decades, Dr. Bruce Banner has buckled under the weight of his fearsome alter ego, the Incredible Hulk,” Says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso.  “Now, someone else is going to take away Banner’s burden, hoist it onto his frail shoulders like it weighs no more than a leaf, and embrace the pure fun being the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe.  It’s the Hulk like you’ve never seen him before: unleashed, unapologetic and totally awesome.”

But who is this mysterious new Jade Giant? And just what has happened to Bruce Banner in the previous eight months? All will be revealed – and the answers will surprise you! Not tormented. Not conflicted. Just a giant green wrecking machine who loves being the Hulk. But will that spell trouble for the entire Marvel Universe?


Written by MARK WAID
Cover artwork by ALEX ROSS
On Sale October 2015!

A new team comprised of all the new versions of your beloved characters: Captain America [Sam Wilson], Thor [Jane Foster], Vision, Miles Morales, a.k.a. Spider-Man, Nova, and Ms. Marvel. Sort of a post Ultimates Ultimates if you would.

The Avengers assemble this fall for a team that will truly live up to the name the series title implicitly states that is all-new, all-different, and like no other Avengers team ever. “This team is a group of characters that you’ve never seen operate together before, no matter how long you may have been reading comics, and yet it’s also a team that upholds the Avengers’ traditions—there’s nobody among these characters that you look at and feel hasn’t earned their place on the team or in the spotlight, the way some past Avengers occasionally have,” says Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort.  “And it’s possibly the most real-world reflective Avengers team of all time, with only a single white male to be found amidst the membership rolls.”



Cover by ALEX ROSS
Coming Fall 2015!

This team of villains is back with Hyperion (Avengers), Nighthawk (Supreme Power), Dr. Spectrum (The Great Society), Blur (DP7) and Warrior Woman (Squadron Sinister). Special Beat bonus points because Nighthawk is one of my all time favorite Marvel characters.

“They’re willing to do a lot of things that turn people off,” says writer James Robinson in an interview with “They can seem a little cold blooded and ruthless but their idea is ‘we have a planet to save’. And if that means we have to sacrifice a few people to do it, we will. So they’re definitely at the darker end of the heroic spectrum.”



Coming Fall 2015!

In perhaps the most controversial move yet, the very popular Spider-Gwen book is coming back just the same but with a new #1 after a mere five issues of the old run. It’s all new all different and all new numbering, people.

“This book has defied all expectations, mine included, and has continued to thrive and grow,” says series writer Jason Latour, in an interview with “I can’t tell you how precious of an experience that makes it. Re-launching and being put out there on the front lines as a tent pole kind of title really is a tremendous opportunity to open our doors to everyone again.”

Now is your chance to jump in, with a clean entry point into the character that has the world buzzing! Plus – the answers you’ve all been waiting for! The secret history of Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker finally revealed! Someone out there has recreated Peter Parker’s Lizard formula. The same formula that ultimately cost him his life and branded Gwen a fugitive. And she won’t let it happen again! But with NYPD Captain Frank Castle and the Kingpin of Crime Matt Murdock both on her tail, that’ll prove easier said than done. Who could be behind all of this? The answers will shock you!


Art & Cover by KRIS ANKA
Coming Fall 2015!

With Kelly Sue DeConnick departing the book, the showrunners of the cult Agent Carter tv show are taking over.

“We are thrilled to have Michelle and Tara onboard for Captain Marvel’s next adventure,” says Marvel Director of Character & Content Development and Series Editor Sana Amanat. “They are powerhouse storytellers who will take Carol to even further heights as she explores what’s beyond Earth’s borders.  Carol Corps, stay at the ready, it’s going to be one wild ride!”

Carol’s been from one end of the universe to the other, and through her journey she’s discovered the hero and the leader she was born to be. Now she’s back – and if you want to get to Earth, you’ve got to get through Captain Marvel first! That’s right, Earth’s highest flying, hardest punching heroine is the planet’s first line of defense against any and all extraterrestrial threats. With an entire fleet and a state of the art Space Station at her command, if you come here looking for trouble, you won’t know what hit you! But when an abandoned ghost ship appears in our galaxy carrying mysterious cargo – does it spell doom for everything Carol’s built for herself?

Written by JASON AARON
Art & Cover by CHRIS BACHALO
Coming Fall 2015!

Doctor Strange hasn’t had an ongoing book since…1995? Hard to believe that Marvel readers had no interest in eldritch obstacles and fantasy foes. We have Benedict Cumberbatch to thank for his return, however.

Prepare for a side of the Marvel Universe you’ve never seen before as the magical, mystical and all things weird lie at every turn. And if it’s bizarre enough, and you don’t know where to turn – call the Doctor. From inside his Sanctum Sanctorum – the strangest place in this or any universe, the Master of the Mystic Arts protects this realm from the supernatural.

“Get ready for a brand new Doctor Strange for a brand new Marvel Universe,” says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso.  “Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo have rebuilt Marvel’s ’Sorcerer Supreme’ from the ground up with an excitingly original take that redefines the character going forward.”

A dark new power is rising. One that will have repercussions for all magic users. The threat is growing, and Strange knows he won’t be powerful enough to stop it. If he is to have any kind of hope, it will take a different kind of Sorcerer Supreme. Because all magic comes with a price, and it’s high time Stephen Strange balanced the scales.

“None of Marvel’s other heavy hitters walk the same beat as Dr. Strange,” says Jason Aaron in an upcoming interview with “None of them have to face the same sorts of repercussions whenever they use their powers. Being the Sorcerer Supreme is a unique responsibility. And it’s one that Stephen Strange embraces. Even though there’s no doubt that his job is one day going to leave him dead, damned or insane. So I want to celebrate all the weirdness that is Dr. Strange, while having him face a challenge unlike anything he’s ever faced before. One that rewrites the rulebook for what it means to be the Sorcerer Supreme.”



Art & Cover by SARA PICHELLI
Coming Fall 2015!

This is probably the most Ultimate-like of these books since….well Miles Morales is the last survivor of the Ultimate universe. Maybe he’ll have a fortress of solitude where he can talk to ghostly images of Nerd Hulk and the Red Wasp. It’s nice to see Sara Pichelli returning to the character.

“Four years ago, we peeled back Spider-Man’s iconic mask to reveal a new and different face, and readers of all stripes have embraced him,” says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “I’m excited to announce that Miles Morales is here to stay – and this Fall, he’s going to be swinging through the heart of the Marvel Universe. Can new friends and enemies be far behind?”

A stranger in a strange land, Miles patrols the rooftops of a New York City that is very different from the one he knew. A world where countless heroes guard it’s skies and streets. A world where Miles is counted among the ranks of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, theAvengers. A world where Peter Parker is still alive. Though their paths have crossed before the landmark series Spider-Men, with Miles now living in Peter’s universe – is this town big enough for two Spider-Men? More importantly – how did Miles come to be here in the first place?!


  1. Aside from the fact that the A-Force cover is TERRIBLE, why do these feel so much fresher than what DC is doing? It’s no more of a retread, that’s for sure. Are the ideas better? The talent younger? Editorial stronger?

    Just for comparison purposes: Miles Morales or Bat-Mite? Spider-Gwen or Omega Men? Awesome Hulk or Doomed? Seems in the case of DC you can tell right away what’s DOA just based on history.

  2. You can call this Marvel’s reboot. It really is a universe wide reboot. Previous continuity no longer necessary.

  3. Donnie,
    For what it’s worth, Omega Men is very, very good. Better written in one issue than any of Spider-Gwen thus far I’d argue, but that’s just me…I do like her costume though.

  4. So, where are all the little mutant zombies who totally ripped DC a new one when they announced their plans for “The New 52”? I’ll tell you where—they’re at their LCS, ordering every cover of every one of the 60 titles. Hypocrites.

    Personally, I’ll probably feel the same way about this reboot from Marvel that I did about the DC reboot. I liked some titles, didn’t like others, and adjusted my file accordingly.

    Make no mistake, those taking sides—this is no better or worse than when DC did it in 2011. Just don’t bash one side for doing the exact same thing you’re praising your team is doing.

  5. ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’? That’s a terrible title. The only title I’m excited to read from that is Doctor Strange. Plus you’ve missed Bendis’ Iron-Man from this list.

  6. Yes, rob e, every single person who criticized DC’s New 52 plans is ordering every cover of every one of the 60 titles. Every one of them is a hypocrite. No hyperbole, perfectly rational.

  7. Thanks “other Chris”, my thoughts exactly. I chose New 52 as mostly a jumping off point, and will likely do the same for many Marvel books. Marvel seems absolutely giddy that Avengers only has one white guy, which apparently “is the most real world reflective Avengers team”. So lame to just take existing heroes and change their race/gender/sexuality when they could make new heroes from whole cloth. Not really the House of Ideas anymore. Ms. Marvel is so close to being that type of character, that I’m frustrated they gave her an old character’s name. Does Marvel have a limit on how many names they can generate?

  8. i guess what’s really at the heart of this matter is “is this a new52 style reboot or not”. in some ways it looks like it is and in some ways, it looks like it’s not. in some ways it looks like alot of the characters are picking up where they left off before secret wars. there’s also bendis saying at a recent comics panel that the purpose of secret wars was not to reboot the marvel universe, but to add to the current and past continuity. it seems that marvel wants their characters from different realities, etc. to be on the 616 world and it also looks like there’s not to much difference between how the characters looked before secret wars and how they’re being presented now. you gotta figure that the two avengers book above will be two of several avengers books being released. so if the “avengers in training” or the “all-female” books aren’t your cup of tea, there are some more avengers books (with classic avengers) coming down the pike that might be to your liking. so while i’m not about to score some sixty plus books that are being released over the fall and winter, i will be cautiously optimistic that the new releases will reflect that for the most part, the marvel universe is the same now as it was before secret wars. i guess we’ll see.

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