Just ahead of the second half of much anticipated Young Justice: Outsiders next week, Warner Bros. has released a new YJ poster for SDCC. While fans have braced themselves for the possibility that Outsiders may mark another end for the series saved from cancellation oblivion, its presence at the DC Universe panel at SDCC on Saturday from 7:00-9:00 PM at the Indigo Ballroom may be cause for celebration.
The characters established in the first half of Outsiders including Geo-Force, Halo, and Cyborg can be seen below. Most notable is Geo-Force’s sister Tara Markov/Terra who appeared towards the end of first half and seemed to indicate a story in keeping with her mainstream comics counterpart. Fittingly voiced by Tara Strong, below we can see her in her superhero outfit for the first time.
Plus as we saw in latest teaser, Gretchen Goode the not so subtle disguise of Granny Goodness, voiced by Deborah Strange who previously worked with YJ producer Greg Weisman on Spectacular Spider-Man animated series as Aunt May, dons her Apokolips garb.
Young Justice Outsiders