After a nearly 6 month hiatus, new episodes of the second half of Young Justice: Outsiders return this July on the DC Universe streaming platform!

Given the untimely and unexpected cancellation of Swamp Thing less than week after its premiere episode, speculation regarding the future of the DC Universe streaming service has run rampant. We’ve still yet to hear whether the Doom Patrol original series will be returning for a second season or if it’ll be yet another DC Universe original series casualty. Thus, YJ fans should gird themselves for the very real possibility that after being resurrected from cancellation oblivion, they may have to say goodbye to the beloved series once again. If nothing else, they can take solace that producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti, and pretty much everyone involved, stepped up their game and delivered a third season that somehow managed to top the high quality of the previous two seasons.
With the aforementioned Swamp Thing finishing up its run on Fridays, Young Justice: Outsiders moves to Tuesdays with the remaining episodes airing throughout July. The upside to changing to Tuesday is that those attending SDCC can enjoy the convention without the fear of potential spoilers until they get a chance to properly watch the episodes. Here’s hoping we get some YJ news next month at SDCC.
A breakdown of episode titles and airdates below:

14 “Influence” July 2, 2019
15 “Leverage” July 2, 2019
16 “Illusion of Control” July 2, 2019
17 “First Impression” July 9, 2019
18 “Early Warning” July 9, 2019
19 “Elder Wisdom” July 9, 2019
20 “Quiet Conversations” July 16, 2019
21 “Unknown Factors” July 16, 2019
22 “Antisocial Pathologies” July 16, 2019
23 “Terminus” July 23, 2019
24 “Into the Breach” July 23, 2019
25 “Overwhelmed” July 23, 2019
26 “Nevermore” July 23, 2019