5pm EDT is the deadline for this year’s New York Comic-Con panel submissions. I’m sitting on a train desperately trying to be coherent and lucid enough to put together a proposal that will pass this kind of scrutiny:

Panel and screening slots at NYCC are in high demand, but are extremely limited. Last year, NYCC was unfortunately only able to accept less than 25% of all submissions into the schedule. So, before you submit, please make sure your application is the best it can be. NYCC is looking for programs that are original, exciting and creative. Most importantly, think about the value your panel will provide to fans and what sets your panel apart from others. This application does not guarantee you panel time at NYCC and instead only registers your request to hold a panel at our event.

The timing of the deadline — three days after San Diego while everyone in the industry is still in a brain haze or sitting in a sauna—is also, to be frank, kinda sucky. But it is what it is.