Today’s Google Doodle is pretty wild—it’s based on the winner of the 7th annual Doodle 4 Google competition—but did you know there is a Google Doodles archive? Here you can see ALL the doodles, including the localized ones. For instance, when Eleanor Davis did one for the first day of Spring here, in the southern hemisphere it was the first day of FALL, natch.

Of course, because it is Google, they give you stats on the doodle’s reach and other doodles through history, but NOT always the artist. Sigh. Since they are mostly staff artists, I guess it comes with the territory. They also sometimes miss very important days in favor of historical figures who should be better known. It’s still a good way to learn about history and art, though. I liked this one about 18th century painter Tiepolo, who was known for his dramatic skies.


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