Here for the moment, on the Google homepage you’ll find a lovely animation by Eleanor Davis celebrating the first day of Spring. Of course it’s barely scraping 40°F as I type this. Hurry, Spring, hurry!

I know it’s popular to say this winter wasn’t all that but Nate Silver’s new 538 site says it was so there. Having spent two winters in Maine, I know that people all over the world have winters like this all the time, but in the Northeast US and New York in particular it was still pretty hairy. I spent the last few months scrambling between piles of revoltingly filthy snow and glare sheets of ice as I fought my way to Pret a Manger for my daily egg salad sandwich. It was like Act V in Diablo II complete with Halls of Anguish.

Usually by this time of year the daffodils and forsythia are showing their buds, but nothing has sprouted yet. So for now I’ll just watch that animation over and over and over. Hurry, Spring.

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