Yen Press surprised manga and novel readers again by dropping 10 new licenses, including side-stories and spinoffs for past popular Yen Press releases; Sword Art Online, Wandering Witch Elaina, and Banished from the Heroes Party. There was also little bit for everyone in new series announcements, including one yuri/GL title, a childhood friend x monster romance, as well as a supernatural horror. Let’s not waste anymore time though and get into the announcements!

The Dark History of the Reincarnated Villainess – Short Story Collection (Manga)

By Akiharu Touka

After ending up in a tragic traffic accident Satou Konoha, a amateur novelist, is reincarnated as the villainess of “Dark Past” – a fictional world of her own creation! Now, having to navigate through the very story she wrote, Konoha – now Iana Magnolia, must dodge every death flag that comes her way. This short story collection of The Dark History of the Reincarnated Villainesslight novel also published by Yen Press – covers many of the what-could-have-been scenarios had Konoha chosen wrongly and gone down different paths from the main story.

Sword Art Online Alternative Clover’s Regret (Novel)

Story by Souichiro Watase
Illustration by Ginta
Supervised by Reki Kawahara

Taking place in the world of Sword Art Online, Sword Art Online Alternative Clover’s Regret follows Nayuta and Konomi, two in-game friends that come across an elder priest, Yanagi, and the mysterious case to solve an unsolvable riddle and win the one-million yen prize.


Rejected by the Hero’s Party, a Princess Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside (Manga)

Story by Zappon
Art by Mutsuki Higashioji
Character Design by Yasumo

For fans of Banished From The Hero’s Party, we learned what happened in Red’s time after being banished from the heroes party, and now with Rejected by the Hero’s Party, a Princess Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside we finally learn of what happened in Rit’s post-exile life as an adventurer leading up to the events of the main series.

Riviere and the Land of Prayer (Manga)

Story by Jougi Shiraishi
Art by Neriume
Character Design by Azure

Set in the world of Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina – also published by Yen Press – we follow MacMillia, after she is saved by Riviere and becomes her assistant, as they set out to create their own legend that will rival even the Ashen Witch herself!

In Another World, My Sister Stole My Name (Manga)

Story by Kotoko
Art by NiKrome

In this fantastical case of stolen identity we follow Ichika, a college student who just happens to own a magical mirror that lets her see and communicate with a boy named Cecil in a completely different world! After the mirror and her sister mysteriously go missing, the mirror eventually shows up one year later transporting Ichika to the other world. There she learns her sister has stolen her name and identity, and has even been proclaimed a saint! Ichika sets on our a journey of self-discovery and one to reclaim her name in this fantastical new world.

Strategic Lovers (Manga)

By Sanshokuamido

Suddenly being given the hefty task to succeed his father as heir to a massive corporate conglomerate, Kouta Higashiyama – the son of his father’s 23rd mistress – must first meet the condition of succession – taking on a mistress of his own! With 5 women now vying for that title, and the immense wealth that comes with it, Kouta must now make the choice.

The Hachioji Specialty: Tengu’s Love (Manga)

By Tomo Nanao

After finally returning to his hometown near Mt. Takao, the lonely Kotarou is suddenly greeted with a shocking proclamation by his childhood friend, a tengu named Hime; they must get married! Now living together, will Hime be able to break down Kotarou’s walls so they can live happily-ever-after?

Hell Is Dark with No Flowers (Novel)

Story by Yoru Michio
Illustration by Ruka Todo

Seiji Tohno, cursed with the ability to see humans everywhere around him as monsters, lives in a constant state of fear with no place he can ever truly call home. That is until one day he comes across a beautiful European Mansion inhabited by an equally handsome boy dressed head to toe in a white kimono, Shiroshi Saijou. Seemingly knowing more about Seiji than Seiji himself does, Shiroshi offers him room and board on one condition: he must work as Shiroshi’s assistant sending those possessed by the very monsters he fears straight to hell!

The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to Be Archenemies (Manga)

By Cocoa Fujiwara

By the famed mangaka of Inu x Boku SS, Cocao Fujiwara, we follow two mortal enemies; a magical girl and a lieutenant of an evil army that simply refuse to kill (or love) another!

The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to Be Archenemies is set to be released August 2024, and will be available in a 3-in-1 omnibus.

My First Love’s Kiss (Novel)

Story by Hitoma Iruma
Illustration by Fly

Written by Hitoma Iruma, the writer behind fan-favorite yuri/GL light novel and manga – Adachi and Shimamura. My First Love’s Kiss follows Umi and Takasora, two classmates who don’t exactly get along but are now forced to live together in a single cramped apartment, as they navigate personal space and keeping their lives separate from one another. When Umi begins disappearing at night Takasora can’t help but get curious where Umi ends up going…

That about covers all of Yen Press’ announcements from today. Are there any titles that stood out to you, or any that you’d be interested in picking up for yourself? If so, feel free to leave a comment!

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