For this sword-loving lesbian, there will never be enough comics about lady knights and their loves — but luckily, new webcomics in this vein appear all the time, and I’m so happy about that. Just last month, cartoonist Claire Carmine Mead launched Girls’ School of Knighthood on Webtoon, and with only six updates so far, this webcomic is already shaping up to become an epic tale.

The comic begins with troubadour Cassidy Kincaid narrating the story of a lady and her knight, the latter whom goes off to battle with the former’s favor close at hand. Anyone who’s played a bard in a tabletop roleplay game or watched/read/played The Witcher will recognize Cassidy’s desire to build a reputation as a troubadour, as well as her boisterous nature. From the Girls’ School of Knighthood description (and the title), it seems she’ll soon go from singing about knights to becoming one.

Cassidy loves telling tales of valiant women knights. But does she have what it takes to become one? Updates every Sunday!

Basically: sign me up. As soon as I saw Mead launch this comic, I subscribed (for free!) to get notifications of new updates whenever she posts. Her art is beautiful and the color palettes she employs — both for the epic tale sung by Cassidy and Cassidy’s actual world — are gorgeous. There’s a swooping, fantastical feeling to each page that underscores the story in a delightful way and Cassidy already has a super distinct voice.

Girls’ School of Knighthood is already off to a great start, so don’t sleep on it! You can read the comic on Webtoon and follow Mead on Twitter @carmineclaire. You can also follow her art-specific Twitter @carmineepine, or support her work on Patreon.

Girls School of Knighthood