The New Age of Heroes hasn’t lasted very long. DC’s “artist focused” line that spun out of Dark Nights: Metal has already had one cancellation, and last months solicits revealed that The Unexpected was ending with issue #8. The cancellation wasn’t that long planned. As cover artist Yannick Paquette revealed in a tweet, he had already drawn the cover to the not-to-be-published issue #9.

The New Age of Heroes line launched with 8 titles, but The Immortal Men by James Tynion and Jim Lee has already been cancelled, and New Challengers was announced as a six issue mini series. That leaves such titles as The Curse of Brimstone and The Silencers which, well, aside from The Terrifics, the whole line seems to be slogging along.

The Unexpected was another team book, written by Steve Orlando with art by Ryan Sook and Cary Nord, and featured Neon the Unknown, Ascendant, Viking Judge and Firebrand rnning around having adventures. I’ll be honest, I did not know there was a DC character who was a viking and also a judge, so I was not the target audience for this. But it is a great name for a character.

The New Age of Heroes  line was announced with much fanfare as “Dark Matter” in 2017 to be an “artist focused” line with top talent including Lee and JR JR on art, but despite the star power and the success of Dark Nights: Metal, it seems to have been shuffled aside by other matters at DC, such as the coming of Bendis and so on.

Since the end of The Unexpected seems to have been a bit…unexpected, one can’t help but wonder if it has something to do with the reëxamination of the entire DC line after the Bat Penis Disaster. But it could also have just been low sales.

Still. it’s a nice cover, and you can have some fun honing your color chops on it!