As Heidi previously indicated, this fall, DC Comics will launch six new series of titles under the “Dark Matter” banner. Featuring new characters who spring from this summer’s Dark Nights: Metal event series, this group of titles aims to bring a new lineup of artist-centric titles to the direct market.

“Dark Matter” will be led by Greg Capullo, Andy Kubert, Jim Lee, and John Romita Jr.. Joining them wll be Dan Abnett, Tony S. Daniel, Dan DiDio, Justin Jordan, Kenneth Rocafort, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Robert Venditti.

Titles in the lineup include the following, taken from a DC Press Release:


  • Debuting in September
  • Written by Dan Abnett with art by John Romita Jr.
  • Honor Guest was the world’s deadliest assassin, until she traded it all for a chance at a “normal” life in the suburbs, free from the constant death and destruction. But as her former life comes back to haunt her, Honor must strip away her suburban persona and protect her family as THE SILENCER.


  • Debuting in September
  • Written by Dan DiDio and Justin Jordan with art by Kenneth Rocafort
  • Forever changed by the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, a teenager struggles to live through high school as he comes in contact with Dark Matter and gains the power to teleport through the Dark Dimension. But each leap brings the new hero one step closer to succumbing to the allure of his new power and its dark origins.


  • Debuting in October
  • Written by James Tynion IV with art by Jim Lee
  • Born at the dawn of time, five siblings find that with eternal life comes eternal war. As the forces of destruction march into the modern world, they operate from the shadows, recruiting the elite against the foes who seek to bring about Armageddon. They are humankind’s hope sprung eternal….they are the IMMORTAL MEN.


  • Debuting in October
  • Written by Robert Venditti with art by Tony S. Daniel
  • Ethan Avery only wanted to serve his country, but promises of becoming the ultimate weapon leave the new recruit living a nightmare. Cursed with the ability to unleash an unstoppable monster for one hour at a time, Ethan only wants to live out his life in peace. But if he can tame the monster inside, it might just be able to do more good for the country than Ethan ever expected.


  • Debuting in December
  • Written by Scott Snyder with art by Andy Kubert
  • Characters live on borrowed time, running from death toward the greatest mysteries, wonders and terrors of the universe! It’s a new cast, new mission, but in conversation with the history and greatness of the original Challengers of the Unknown. The story starts with Challengers Mountain returning after having been missing for years, and only gets wilder from there…


  • Debuting in August
  • Written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo
  • It all begins with DARK NIGHTS: METAL, a story that will examine every choice a hero doesn’t take and every path they don’t walk, opening up worlds that are forged by nightmares. Characters and stories from each of the Dark Matter books will be plotted throughout this series.

Here’s a promo image excerpted from a special “Dark Matter” ashcan available at C2E2.

And a release calendar:


  1. New Challengers is the only one of those books I would consider at this time. We’ll see what the reviews say about the others when they come in. But some of those books sounds awfully….unoriginal.

  2. This sounds like early Image, without creator ownership.
    Everybody remember how great the comics were that came out of early Image?

  3. Yeah none of these titles really grab me, although I do like the logo of the Silencer. If they give a more spy or adventure tilt it could be some fun. Honestly this reminds me of how I felt with the Rebirth announcements. Hopefully the rest of the Master Class/New Age of heroes titles will grab me like Young Animal did for me.

    Also this does sound like early Image even down to marquee: Dark Matter. I am little shocked that wasn’t the name of an Image anthology

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  5. Is it just me — or does DAMAGE sound like someone takes the old Miraclo pill — and turns into The Hulk for precisely one hour?

  6. I like the idea of Silencer, but where are the women writers and artists here? Does DC even have any? This line is like DC’s usual boys’ club.

  7. “But some of those books sounds awfully….unoriginal.”

    Well its very hard to come up with orginal and exciting characters in the comic books. Thats why most of marvel attempts to increase diversity has been “take existing X Minority character give them the Brand Power of Y Established Property” rather then try to create new character.

    Even so called orginal characters are actually highly unorginal:
    Ms.Marvel = Ultimate Spiderman/Invincible premise+ Mr Fantastic Power + what ever little brand power was left in the Captain Marvel Franchise.
    Miles Morale = Ultimate Spiderman/Invincible premise + Spiderman power + Ultimate Spider-man brand power.
    Riri Williams = Ultimate Spiderman/Invincible premise + Iron Man Powers + Iron Man Brand Power.

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