Kari Yadro has joined Dark Horse at the new job of events and community manager, a position which will oversee both convention appearances and events and social networking channels. Yadro was formerly at Barnes & Noble. PR below:

In the beginning, Dark Horse was built on the idea of creating an atmosphere that was friendly and accessible to both creators and fans. In 2010, Dark Horse has looked to continue this tradition with a heavy focus on the growing online social-networking channels. Looking forward to 2011, the company hopes to focus heavily on the growing comics community in Portland, Oregon, and the world at large, with more events and activities demonstrating leadership balanced with accessibility.

This new position will not only encompass all Dark Horse trade-show coordination and planning, but also any and all Dark Horse events, such as in-store appearances and signings. In addition, the Dark Horse events and community manager will focus heavily on Dark Horse’s social-networking strategy, overseeing Facebook, Twitter, and all other channels, as this has become an increasingly important area for Dark Horse.
Kari Yadro comes to Dark Horse from a storied career with Barnes & Noble, where she currently holds the position of community relations manager. In her time there, she has handled coordination of all in-store events, large and small. Kari’s passion for science fiction led her into the comic shop by way of Dark Horse’s own Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight.

“It’s an honor to be joining the comic-book industry, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, where there are so many amazing publishers,” said Kari Yadro. “I’m really excited about connecting with Dark Horse’s fans and exploring partnership opportunities with organizations in the local and world communities.”

“As Dark Horse continues to expand our presence in the minds of fans on and off of the trade-show floors, I am confident that Kari brings the perfect balance of events experience and community building to her new role,” said Dark Horse’s director of public relations, Jeremy Atkins. “I couldn’t be happier about the level of energy and enthusiasm she brings to the position.”

Kari will cut her teeth at October’s New York Comic Con. Please make sure to stop by the Dark Horse booth and say hello.


  1. Congratulations! I wonder which store she worked at?

    Community Relations Managers handle all of the events at a particular store, which can include book fairs. (A school partners with a store. The school selects books which customers (usually the students’ parents) purchase. Also, the store is given a voucher based on the day’s sales, which the school can use to purchase more books.

    I sincerely hope that Dark Horse and other comics publishers increase their bookstore author events. Also, while the smart comics shops already liaison with local librarians, more interaction would be a good thing.

  2. Actually, Kari worked at the Lynwood, Washington store near where I live. She was always so fun and kind to me when I would come into the store. She really made a big deal out of it and always bought me coffee.

    She told me last visit that she got the gig and I couldn’t be more excited for her. She loves comics.

    Looking forward to running into her at NYCC.

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