A few days ago, we linked to Scott Morse’s sweet poster for the ATP film festival that’s being held this November, and suspected more cool old movie posters by cartoonists were forthcoming.

Well, just call us Salander, because earlier today, Morse retweeted a link from Criterion to a huge photo of the whole collection, which includes posters by (squinting hard) Kate Beaton, Scott Campbell, Connor Willumsen, Robert Goodin, Jason Latour, Francesco Francavilla and many more. We’re trying to get some images of the rest of the flyer, because they look amazing! The whole giant image is in the second link.

And speaking of ATP (All Tomorrow’s Parties) they just held their music festival this weekend with THESE eye-catching posters by…someone. No credits.



  1. “Ne Change Rien” was done by Dan Duncan, who’s art was in the second issue of Boom’s CBGB comics (as well as the final issue of “Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Music Box”).

  2. Oh, actually, Criterion posted all the creators in the comments section of the photo on their facebook page:

    Ne Change Rien: Dan Duncan
    Five Easy Pieces: Kate Beaton
    Repulsion: Paul Maybury
    Bottle Rocket: Jason Polan
    The Last Picture Show: Jason Latour
    Naked Lunch: Evan Bryce
    Head: Wayne Shellabarger
    Underworld: Victor Kerlow
    The Killing: Connor Willumsen
    Le Doulos: Victor Kerlow
    Gomorrah: Robert Goodin
    Brute Force: Scott Morse
    A Colt is My Passport: Francesco Francavilla
    Touchez pas au grisbi: Scott Morse
    Kiss Me Deadly: Jhomar Soriano
    Easy Rider: Scott Campbell
    Thin Red Line: Jeremy Jusay
    Something Wild: Connor Willumsen
    Crumb: Chris Brunner & Rico Renzi
    Antichrist: Zachary Baldus
    Modern Times: Rachel Freire
    The Night of the Hunter: Matt Kindt

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