Looking to get high today? What If Kirby is a new site devoted to new, detailed, mind-blasting scans of Jack Kirby’s artwork, and honestly just a few minutes of browsing sent The Beat tripping into new realms. Purchase of a membership in the Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center gives access to the real hard stuff however: even bigger scans.

AND speaking of the king, Jog and Matt Seneca go on a vision quest of their own discussing the ’70s outer space comics of Kirby and Steranko. Proof that tripping with The King improves brain function!


  1. Not a new site, just a redesign plus new features. It’s been around for several years.

    He used to hire Mike Royer to re-ink pages that Vince Colletta had inked originally. The difference between the two was astounding!

  2. Correct. WiK is a redesign. I first launched in 2001. …and yes Royer did 15 or so recreations. I also commissioned Joe Sinnott, Dick Ayers Herb Trempe, Dan Adkins and Greg Theakston for others. Many of these will be added in the coming months.

    To clarify, membership (donation) to the Kirby Museum ( will not get you access to the large size scans on What if Kirby. Membership to the Kirby Museum is highly encouraged and does give you access to their larger size scans on their site only.

    For What if Kirby, membership is free and automatically gives you access to Zoom in close up on the comic art in the Creations and Gallery sections. Also to leave comments and subscribe to content and comment updates. Donations are encouraged by not required. Thanks! Tom

  3. Kirby grew up on Suffolk Street. Where, exactly, is unknown. A quick look at Google Maps shows none of the street posts containing “honors”.

    It seems that such street renamings (usually a corner) are sponsored by New York City council members. That neighborhood is District One, represented by Margaret Chin.

    It seems quite easy… there were 41 such renamings in the Summer of 2009.

    All we need to know is where exactly on Suffolk Street Jacob Kurtzberg lived. Perhaps Mark Evanier has the exact address?

  4. According to “Kirby: King of Comics”, he lived on Essex until his brother was born, then moved to Suffolk Street.

    Holy SPIT! Kirby’s “Black Hole” adaptation was part of “Walt Disney’s Treasury of Classic Tales”, a series of Sunday comic strips which ran from 1952 to 1987.

    The French collected it into a Le Journal de Mickey album, #91.

    Russ Heath, Jesse Marsh, Jack Kirby, Floyd Gottfredson…

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