Marvel Comics has released a new teaser for X of Swords, their first major crossover for the X-Men titles since the Jonathan Hickman-led relaunch of Marvel’s merry mutants began last year. Announced at C2E2 (this year’s only major convention so far – remember conventions?), today’s announcement reveals that the event will kick off with X of Swords: Creation #1, which will be written by Hickman and Excalibur writer Tini Howard, and illustrated by House of X artist Pepe Larraz.

X of Swords

Relatively little is known at this point about X of Swords, other than that it will deal with a team of ten mutants wielding “legendary blades” to face and unidentified enemy. Based on the promo image for Creation, it looks like the enemy may be Apocalypse’s original four horsemen, who were rediscovered back in the Marvel Comics #1000 one-shot. I also see a distinct lack of swords in that teaser image. Maybe they have to find the swords in order to defeat the horsemen? And whose side is Apocalypse going to be on?

X of Swords, as mentioned during the X-panel at C2E2, is being spearheaded by Hickman and Howard, and while it’s not explicitly stated it seems likely that Creation will be one of a set of bookends for the 15-part crossover. The story was originally slated to kick off (or at least be teased) on Free Comic Book Day, though obviously with FCBD indefinitely postponed it looks like plans have changed. The teaser for Creation indicates a release date of September 2020; whether that will be before or after a rescheduled FCBD is anybody’s guess.


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