The full trailer for X-Men DAYS OF FUTURE PAST which opens May 24th, 2014 is finally out! Directed by Bryan Singer, it features a story roughly based on the comics classic which sees Wolverine going back to the past to prevent Ted Cruz a dystopian present, and thus we’ll see both the Mckellen/Stewart and Fassbender/McAvoy (swoon) versions of Magneto and Professor X….as well as just about EVERY OTHER ACTOR WHO EVER PLAYED AN X-MAN IN THE MOVIES, except the Toad and Deadpool. Just like the comics, the characters are spililng all over the place, with Blink, Bishop, Sunspot, Warpath, Ink, Quicksilver, and more included and sometimes spotted in the film, along with Oscar winners Halle Berry and Jennifer Lawrence suiting up yet again (and the 10 years older Barry looking AMAZING.)

Forbes has a smart piece on the whole X-men franchise and how it is, relatively speaking, an underperformer, with even its highest crossing film making only what Thor did for Marvel proper. (And you can bet Marvel’s thrifty production and casting—as opposed to Fox’s superstar roster—makes it even more lucrative.) The idea, they say, is do what Fox did perviously for The Fast and The Furious — throw everyone and the kitchen sink into the mix:

What Universal did with Fast Five is basically “franchise all-stars to the rescue”, bringing back not just the original cast members from The Fast & the Furious but nearly every major character from every previous Fast/Furious installment for a glorious team-up adventure.  It was The Avengers a year prior to The Avengers. That Fast Five was a shockingly terrific caper was of course a nice bonus, but the marketing was able to sell “everyone you loved in the previous four films, back for more!”, with added-value element Dwayne Johnson tossed in for good measure. The result was a $626 million worldwide haul, nearly double the $363m gross of Fast & Furious.

That’s the trick that Fox is trying for this, the seventh (!) X-Men picture released since 2000. This is technically a sequel to 2011′s prequel X-Men: First Class, but Fox is bringing the whole band back together. As most of you know, the time-travel story isn’t just bringing back James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence from the last prequel entry, but also Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Ian McKellen, and Patrick Stewart from X-Men alongside Ellen Page (from X-Men: The Last Stand), and Daniel Cudmore (from X2) among others. To top it off, Bryan Singer, helmer of X-Men and X2, is returning to direct.

If the X-men plan works, expect to see more cast reunions, and fewer reboots, says Forbes.


Director Singer also answered questions via Twitter.



  1. Nice. Way to throw your politics into an otherwise positive article about a movie I’m looking forward to. “Ted Cruz” indeed.

  2. Is it really throwing her politics in or a reference to a recent event? I mean, love him or hate him, I think a bunch of hippies traveling back in time to stop him is a fair sci-fi story. I don’t think Cruz would have an issue with that analogy, either.

  3. oh dear, the entertainment “journalist” at Forbes sounds like the worst sort of shill for the movie company with this:
    “That Fast Five was a shockingly terrific caper was of course a nice bonus”

    Right, the actual quality of the movie makes no difference to how successful it is. It’s just coincidence that the X-Men “underperform”. It’s not because only the first two movies were loved by fans, with the others considered much weaker.
    Don’t worry stockholders, we have the formula all figured out now and can routinely generate profitable movies without worrying if they are actually good.

  4. Well, I gotta say that X-Men: First Class was the only X-movie I really enjoyed, but I’d also say it’s probably one of, if not the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen. If this can deliver that quality than I’ll see it on DVD. The whole “lets go back in time and fix the mess we made of our franchise” thing was old in the 90’s so that’s the best you’re going to get out of me. As far as the political tones, I’m hoping for the Ray Bradbury approach, wherein it’s the dumbing down of culture that causes the world to be in the state it’s in, rather than (directly) its government, or any one politician. (Disclaimer: That’s not a jab at anyone, that’s really what Bradbury’s dystopian books, like Fahrenheit 451 & Usher II, were about.)

  5. As sloppy as this franchise has been I liked the latest Wolverine movie and First Class. I can ignore the continuity issues because at this point, for them to worry about continuity would break the continuity :P

    I have a feeling, though, that all the cool “future” stuff is going to just be at the beginning of the movie and the majority of it will be in the 70s. I can still dig it, though!

  6. Heidi snidely says, “Pro tip: It’s what is known as a “topical reference.” What Heidi fails/refuses to acknowledge is that it’s a *political* topical reference, and that only idiots–not pros–interject politics into an article about comics or movies. There’s a reason why people who aren’t idiots keep politics out of any discussion that doesn’t require them. And there’s a reason why some of us read comics blogs and not political ones.

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