Just a few more Angoulême links. Comic Book Resources has a thorough write up with a more complete list of prize winners than we’ve previously seen. Andi Watson links to this Flickr site. Alison Bechdel had a busy time.

Meanwhile, the Forbidden Planet blog reveals that there may be new CORTO MALTESE volumes on their way, despite the fact that creator Hugo Pratt is still dead.

Now this will come as a shock for those who have always considered the character synonymous with and, to a large extent, an avatar for his creator. It’s well known that many of Pratt’s personal passions shaped the tales of his well travelled adventurer and for many it will be inconceivable that someone else might pick up the reins. However, 12 years after Pratt’s death it has been announced that a new writer/artist team have embarked on the production of new tales with the first book due in around 18 months to 2 years. It seems those that control Pratt’s estate state that he always meant for the adventures to continue beyond those published. Now those who have the power to do so have granted the right for new adventures to French publisher Casterman. Apparently the new tales will fit into a gap in the chronology of the adventures already written and drawn by Pratt, roughly covering the period 1905 to 1913 and will therefore be stories of Corto’s teenage years and young adulthood (not entirely unlike Charlie Higson’s officially sanctioned ‘young James Bond’ books).

Say, did that HEAVY METAL edition of Corto ever come out?


  1. Nope, not seen it yet and I’ve been watching for it – was due December, then it was delayed to January, now it is February and it hasn’t arrived so I am reverting to Cynical Bookseller Mode when asked by folks when it is due and saying the firm publication date is the day it arrives :-)