Much to see!

The all-new official home page for artist Will Eisner and Will Eisner Studios, Inc. has launched at . Besides a revamp of the existing design and content, the site has been expanded and includes new features like The Will Eisner Forums and the Will Eisner Wiki (or online Eisnerpedia).

The Forums have been set up to allow discussion of each of Eisner’s graphic novels which are currently being re-released by W.W. Norton. Also included are areas to discuss The Spirit monthly comic published by DC Comics and written by Darwyn Cooke. The Spirit Archives hardcover editions and the new John Law stories being written and illustrated by Gary Chaloner as well as Eisner-based news and information.

The Eisnerpedia has been added so that Eisner fans and readers can participate directly in posting information about any facet of Eisner’s amazing career and creations: from obscure characters to creators Eisner worked with, obscure published editions… practically anything to expand the online knowledge of this comics masters life and career.

Elsewhere on the site are sections dedicated to his greatest comics creation, The Spirit, as well as biographical notes, book-by-book information in the Library section and an online Gallery of his art… with some pieces for sale direct from the Will Eisner estate.

This launch serves as ‘stage one’ of a much larger site dedicated to a legend in the world of comics and sequential art. will be expanded on a weekly (almost daily) basis. With a career as long and involved as Eisner’s, the site is an ongoing project.


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