Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel’s relaunch of X-Men with Jubilee, Storm, Rogue, Rachel Grey, Kitty Pryde and the other one has been moved back slightly, from April to May. The new publication date will be May 29th. This is due to a bereavement, and Brian Wood has posted regarding the decision to hold off on the first issue’s release:

Obviously this is a very personal matter. Pushing the launch back is the best option out of all that was discussed. An uninterrupted creative run is better than random fill-ins, and in a couple months when we’re past it no one will remember the delays and the work will be forever.



  1. Aye, much better to push the start than to have delays mid-stream. Plus I think every character except for Jubilee is appearing in another book currently, so it’s easy enough for fans to get their fix.

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