DC dropped several announcements at their WonderCon panel.  The Beat’s embedded agent is writing up his take on the whole affair (which will include Scott Snyder being authentic and going off-script to mention the Legion of Doom), but while we’re waiting, here’s DC official announcements list:

  • Justice League Dark – written by James Tynion IV with art by Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez (inker) and Brad Anderson (colors)
  • Justice League Odyssey – written by Joshua Williamson with art by Stjepan Sejic
  • Teen Titans – by Adam Glass and Bernard Chang


It should be noted that Sergio is not the creator of Spy Vs. Spy, as stated in the official PR.  That would be the late, great Antonio Prohías.

Official PR follows:

DC started Wondercon Saturday morning with a bang, courtesy of a livestreamed panel hosted by DC Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee. Streaming live to fans nationwide, Dan and Jim, along with some of DC’s top editors and finest comic book talent, discussed some of the upcoming initiatives that have keep DC on the leading edge of publishing.

Anytime you get Dan and Jim together on a panel you can expect some breaking news, and this year’s livestream was no exception. Superstar writer Scott Snyder was on hand to talk to the publisher about not only the blockbuster finish fans can expect when DARK NIGHTS: METAL reaches its conclusion with issue #6 (March 28) but he also revealed some big plans for Justice League. Snyder dished the latest on the JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE four issue miniseries he’s working on with co-writers James Tynion IV (DETECTIVE COMICS) and Joshua Williamson (THE FLASH, Vertigo’s DEATHBED) and artist Francis Manapul (TRINITY), as well as his plans for JUSTICE LEAGUE, with newly-acquired artist Jim Cheung and rising star Jorge Jimenez.

But jaws really dropped when he announced that not one, but two all-new Justice League titles will debut from the May miniseries, each featuring new team rosters: JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, written by Tynion with art by Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez (inker) and Brad Anderson (colors) and JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY, written by Williamson, with art by Stjepan Sejic. Both titles are scheduled to launch in June.

Snyder wasn’t finished there; he hinted that the conclusion of METAL #6 would have repercussions throughout the DC Universe, and he wasn’t kidding when he announced that Adam Glass, writer for popular TV shows Supernatural and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders would be joining fan-favorite artist Bernard Chang as the new talent team for TEEN TITANS, beginning with issue #20 in June. In addition to Damian Wayne (Robin) leading Kid Flash and Red Arrow into new adventures, several completely new characters will be added to the roster, including the daughter of the Main Man and everyone’s favorite(?) Czarnian, Lobo!

Last month, Vertigo shocked readers when they announced the return to the Dreaming in a Neil Gaiman-curated THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE imprint this August. Today, Vertigo and DC Black Label Executive Editor Mark Doyle, along with guest Nalo Hopkinson who will pen the HOUSE OF WHISPERS title, gave fans a first look at Bilquis Evely’s interiors for THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE #1. Hopkinson shared her excitement for the transition from novelist to comic book writer, and shared some first insights into the mysterious new house and its proprietor. THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE #1 is available August 8, 2018.

MAD magazine’s “Usual Gang of Idiots” featured a mix of old and new this time around, with the publishers talking to new Executive Editor Bill Morrison about what fans can expect from the new version of America’s #1 humor magazine (in a field of one). The fears of old-school MAD fans were quickly put to rest when long-time artist and “Spy vs. Spy” creator Sergio Aragones took the stage and had a chance to reflect on his past work and upcoming involvement with this new-look MAD. Patience was quickly rewarded as well, when fans in attendance and online got a tease of what the book will look like as a brand-new wrap around cover for MAD #1 (on sale April 17), featuring a new logo, was revealed.


  1. Dang. I was hoping the Justice League titles would have bad creators so wouldn’t want them. Looks like there will have to be some shuffling of the old pull list.

  2. Missing from the press release is that Titans, with a new mission statement, will now comprise Nightwing, Raven, Beast Boy, Steel, and Miss Martian starting July 2018 with Dan Abnett still on writing duties and a yet-to-be-revealed new series artist.

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