Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo debuted the first pages from their forthcoming DC Black Label story, Batman: Last Knight on Earth.
The story, which the writer-artist duo discussed Friday at WonderCon’s “DC Celebrates 80 Years of Batman Comics,” is outside of continuity and set 20 years in the future, and it involves a mystery (of course), questions about Bruce Wayne’s sanity, and the Joker’s lucid severed head in a lantern. Snyder described the first 11 pages or so of it, and it’s wild stuff. Warning, this might be considered a spoiler, but Snyder said the story starts with Bruce Wayne discovering that someone has been drawing a chalk outline around Gotham.
When he looks at it from space, the outline is of Batman, and the figure’s heart is in crime alley…where Batman finds a dead 10-year-old boy. From there, we follow Batman’s perspective to scenes where he wakes up in Arkham and is told he’s been a prisoner there all along, making his own Batman costumes after having murdered his parents and gone nuts. Then later! He wakes up in the desert, where he finds the Joker’s severed head hanging from a lamppost, and Joker says he’s been waiting for him and it’s time to go. That’s the first 11 pages.
“This was always sort of the end game to our whole run,” Snyder said. “…I really think this is the best thing we’ve done together.”
Anyway, without further adieu, here are the pages the creators shared for the first time at the panel…

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