During SDCC last weekend, the 2020 slate of DC Comics Warner Bros. Animation feature films were announced including the much requested Superman: Red Son adaptation. Of course, for those who may have forgotten there’s still one animated direct-to-video film set for released before the end of 2019—Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. Thanks to SYFY Wire as well as the Movies Anywhere streaming platform, details about Wonder Woman: Bloodlines have been revealed including the voice cast:

Rosario Dawson—Wonder Woman/Diana Prince
Jeffrey Donovan—Steve Trevor
Marie Avgeropoulos—Silver Swan
Kimberly Brooks—The Cheetah and Giganta
Michael Dorn—Ferdinand
Ray Chase—Lead Bandit
Mozhan Marno—Dr. Cyber
Adrienne Moore—Etta Candy
Cree Summer—Hippolyta
Courtenay Taylor—Dr. Poison
Nia Vardalos—Julia Kapatelis
Constance Zimmer—Veronica Cale

The first Wonder Woman solo animated feature in ten years (most likely due to the extraordinary success of the live-action Gal Gadot film) you’ll notice immediately from the Movies Anywhere preview clip it features an art style different from the shared DC Animated Move Universe despite Rosario Dawson reprising the Amazon warrior. Whether or not Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is intended to take place within the shared universe or as a standalone feature remains to be seen.

Directed by Sam Liu and Justin Copeland, DC Animation veterans, with a script by Mairghread Scott, a writer of animation/comics who’s no stranger to Wonder Woman having written “The Trouble with Truth” episode of Justice League Action, check out the plot and cover art for Wonder Woman: Bloodlines below:

When Amazon princess Diana of Themyscira chooses to save fighter pilot Steve Trevor, it’s a choice that will change her world and ours. Fulfilling the role of both ambassador as well as protector, Diana earns the name Wonder Woman from the gracious people of Earth. But her heart is as strong as her will as she is determined to help a troubled and embittered young girl whom has fallen in with a deadly organization known only as Villainy, Inc! Get ready for an exciting adventure packed with brutal battles, myth and wonder!

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines


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