Some set pics of Hugh Jackman from WOLVERINE II, currently known as THE WOLVERINE, which is set in Japan. The director is James Mangold. From these photos, we can assume that in the story, Jackman’s Wolverine character will have a period of extreme self doubt, which evolves into self neglect, from which he will be rescued by a period of intense study of Zen Buddhist philosophy and Japanese fighting techniques.

What do you think?

There could supposedly be another reason…like Wolverine loses his razor and fears barbers for a while.

Nah, we’re going with the self doubt and redemption thing.



  1. I believe this film will tell the story of how Wolverine revolutionized comics by deconstructing the superhero genre, exploring anarchy and magic, and appropriating public domain characters for high-class porn.

  2. Um… since he has built in razors, he could easily trim that rat nest.

    But… if Wolverine’s body heals itself, what’s with those crows feet?

  3. Torstein – Wolverine’s body heals itself, and that does slow his aging, but we’ve seen in various stories (Days of the Future Past, Old Man Logan) that he still does age.

  4. Has Logan ever grown a beard in the comics? Even when he was running around the Canadian wilderness w/a pack of wolves, for years?

    I really hope this movie is better then the first one was. That was an abomination of epic proportions…

  5. That first pic:

    They had successfully repressed his memories of being a famous comics writer after the operation that alchemically turned his bones to unbreakable Adamantium and given him retractable razor-sharp claws . . .

    . . . but after escaping the holding facility, he aimlessly wandered the streets of London, and noticed a display of the Before Watchmen TPBs, just in time for Christmas.

    Flipping open the book, it all came back to him, as he absently ran a thumb over the name on his dogtag: A. MOORE. He made a note of the publisher’s address, as well as those who would pay for the travesty, and pay dearly, beginning with the name at the top of the list.

    “DiDio, ” the figure growled.

    Cue dramatic score over the sound of a SNIKT.

    I’d go see that.