We’re a bit late in posting about Friday’s boffo opening for the Kim Deitch reception at MoCCA. Not only was the show — curated by Bill Kartalopoulous — an outstanding retrospective at one of the great storytellers and seminal figures of the underground, but it was also one of the best looking shows ever at MoCCA. The debut of the new remodeled space was a big success. The walls have been given a coat of pale tan paint which sets off the artwork stunningly, and this show, at least, featured lettering on the walls, giving it a really polished, sophisticated look.

MoCCA also has a new director, Karl Erickson, about whom we know little, but we hear good things about him. The show had a stellar turnout to honor Deitch — we spotted Lauren Weinstein, Gabrielle Bell, Austin English, Aaron Renier, and two movers and shakers we predict you will hear a lot about named Gary Panter and Peter Kuper (below). There were probably many more, but we were so busy catching up with everyone, we barely had time to take notes.

Alas, our camera died, and we had to rely on crappy iPhone photos. Luckily there’s a nice Flickr photo stream by Jessica Palmieri. Shown above: Exhibit curator Bill Kartalopoulos, Jessica Palmieri, Kim Deitch, and Pam Butler.



Img 0106

There’s also a nice piece on Deitch with audio up at the WNYC blog. And Jay Franco has some observations on the opening from his blog, as well:

At first some friends, fans and other curious folk appeared and took in the original art, sketches and even a looping video of Deitch’s work, enjoying their time wandering the floor. The below photo is my view from behind the counter as I greeted folks as they arrived. The museum also had a few of Deitch’s books for sale, all proceeds going to the museum of course].



It was a really fun evening. Apparently a lot of changes are in the air for MoCCA and so far, things are looking good.


  1. Hey Heidi,

    Thanks for the nod. It was great to see you at this MoCCA event. I’m trying to do more volunteering there. That was a really fun evening.