Tonight, TheWrap reported that Channing Tatum might be leaving 20th Century Fox’s Gambit production.  Tatum, who was slated to star as everyone’s favorite mutant with a gimmick, is apparently still in talks with the studio, but “something is up” and time is running out, as the movie is scheduled to be release on October 7th, 2016.

According to The Wrap, Gambit has been a “passion project” for Tatum, but his leaving might signify a desire to shift his attention towards directing– something he has apparently planned on doing for some time.

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Personally, I think this is a classic bargaining scenario.  The Wrap’s source remains unnamed and the article is clear that Tatum is still discussing terms with Fox, indicating that Tatum probably just wants more money and is willing to threaten the safety of the project to get it.

Fans of Tatum’s acting skills and/or rippling physique will probably still get to see him dazzle on screen next fall– but he’ll probably have a much fatter wallet than he otherwise would have assuming these talks go well.



  1. Tatum really has a punchable face. Maybe he’s a great guy, but he looks like someone who’s spent way too much time in the gym. In other words, someone who shouldn’t be playing Gambit. The fact he was cast as Gambit shows how “well” they’d handle the character, so we’re better off without this one, I think.

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