Only four episodes in and fans still can’t get enough of X-Men ’97. After last week’s explosive episode featuring the return of Mojo and an adaptation of the acclaimed “Lifedeath” storyline, this week’s episode will see the merry mutants taking a trip to the mutant nation of Genosha. Marvel has released a preview clip revealing that fans can look forward to the return of Nightcrawler.

Official episode description:

As Genosha prepares to join the UN, select members of the team head to the island nation to be honorees. Back at the mansion, a behind-the-scenes press event risks airing the X-Men’s dirty laundry

Actor Adrian Hough, who voiced Nightcrawler in the original ’90s X-Men: The Animated Series, reprises the character in the episode. Meanwhile, it looks like Gambit (A. J. LoCascio) is still dealing with feelings after learning about the past romance between Rogue (Lenore Zann) and Mangeto, the new leader of the X-Men. Let’s all hope Gambit remembered to pack is crop top!

GenoshaEagle eyed comic fans will notice some familiar mutants in the clip such as Glob Herman, the mutant with the jelly-like see-through body, as well as the aptly named Pixie. It’s worth noting that these two characters debuted within the pages of Marvel in the early aughts, long after the original X-Men: TAS came to an end. So it’s quite welcoming to learn that the X-Men ’97 series isn’t limiting itself strictly to stories and characters from before 2000 but rather open to the full comics history of X-Men.

We also see Leech (voiced by David Errigo Jr.) whom viewers will recall was saved by Magneto and sent to Genosha along with the other Morlocks in the second episode.

Likewise, a recent promo released yesterday seemed to indicate an appearance from mutant musician Dazzler and possibly Tabitha Smith better known as Boom Boom.  


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