It’s our annual announcement of the biggest graphic novel of the year!

Wimpy Kid #10 will be out on November 3rd and it will be called Old School…and it will sell millions of copies, just like all the Wimpy Kid books before it. The cover was revealed via Twitter:

The title and cover were also discussed in a webcast.

Many moons ago, the Beat was the venue for the new Wimpy Kid covert debut. It’s true!!! I can’t find the post now because it happened when Ned Stark was alive. But social media has improved a bit since then, and other people like book jacket reveals!

Kinney’s Wimpy Kid books have sold more than 120 million copes worldwide and are a certified phenomenon, and the biggest book series now being published. Kids can’t get enough of the Greg Heffley-eyed view of the world. And just to prove what a cool guy he is, instead of spending his millions on fast cars and liquor, author Kinney opening an indie bookstore in his hometown of Plainville, MASS

Indie bookselling may be financially risky, but Kinney has planned the nearly 3,000-sq.-ft. bookstore and cafe carefully. And he’s had a chance to observe many stores firsthand on his book tours. “An Unlikely Story allows me to play with the truth,” Kinney says, explaining the store’s name. “We’re going to have fun with fables and tall tales.” That includes a replica of a Quidditch match above the children’s section, and books that appear to be flying overhead elsewhere in the store.

During the construction, Kinney has been visiting the store at least twice a day. “It gives me a sense of satisfaction,” he says. Even more satisfying is the opportunity to bring a bookstore to his community, after so many new bookstores have closed, including one where he grew up in Fort Washington, Md. “When I was a kid, we had a bookstore in my town that sold new books and magazines. I visited a few times a week, and the books I purchased there had a huge impact on my life,” Kinney says. “And then one day, the bookstore was gone and a valuable asset to the community was lost.”


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