bob wayne dc comics

The end of DC Entertainment’s east coast presence also signaled the end of svp of sales Bob Wayne’s fabled career at the publisher, as one of the stewards of the entire direct sales market. You couldn’t name a person in the history of the industry who’s had more influence over what comics are sold and how they are sold. Prodigal circ man James Sokolowski was hired at DC (away from Archie) to run the DM end of things, but I’m sure “Ski” would be the first to admit he can only be the “first Ski” and not the “next Bob.”

As I’ve noted many times before, Wayne was particularly beloved of the comics retailing community, and his absence at the recent C2E2 Diamond retailer breakfast would have been a painful reminder of his departure.

But SWERVE! I’m told that Wayne was actually in attendance at the breakfast! Just to say hi and keep tabs. And he’s joining the advisory board of the CBLDF, so he’ll be keeping an ear to the ground and helping with a key industry organization.

I was hoping that Wayne would stick around in some capacity. If there’s one person in this industry who knows how to advise, it’s  him.