While The UK Guardian tooketh away on Monday with a trolling column by a known gadfly, but they gaveth back today with
this piece on how studying comics is vital to future civilizationby Christopher Murray on his courage at the University of Dundee:

Comics have a lot to offer teachers and school pupils, as I have seen in the workshops I have organised for local schools. They can break down disciplinary divides and enable discussions that cross between literature, art, history, politics, media, religious studies, and so on. The value that universities now place on creative thinking across subjects could be embedded much earlier, and using a medium that reflects forms and influences from many cultures.

Comics are also a powerful educational tool for assisting readers with dyslexia or autism who may have difficulty processing text.

Murray offers a reading list of five basics—including The Big Three, Watchmen, Dark Knight and Fun Home—but adds We3 and The Arrival. Good picks, especially The Arrival which isn’t usually classed as a graphic novel, but should be as it’s visual storytelling at its most amazing.

Anyway, please set aside that silly Jones piece as the waste of time it was.


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