Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, the brain trust behind Lost, gave a presentation recently and they were asked if the show would have a comic book spin-off, as so many shows created by comics-friendly Hollywood writers seem to have. The answer would seem to be…”No.”

Q: My question is about the fate of Lost, because I know it ends with season 6, but do you think because of Bryan Fuller with Pushing Daisies continuing it in a comic book, and I love Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk (Damon’s comic) and with Lost it has a disjointed timeline and it comes together in the end, do you think that you’ll do any spin offs in a comic book form?

DL: We feel that if we hold anything back for the final season of the show, it will be bad. People have come along this far, and they need a conclusion.

Losties will find much else of interest (and spoilerish stuff) in the interview, including confirmation that Brian K. Vaughan has left the writing staff.

Q: What’s Brian K. Vaughan like?

DL: Unfortunately he has left for greener pastures. When he first came on the show Jorge Garcia was ecstatic because he’s a huge fan of his work.

This was probably a smart move on BKV’s part, because when people start asking what you are like at TV show panels, it’s sort of an indication that you may just have greener pastures somewhere.

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  1. So does anyone know what BKV is doing right now? Ex Machina is in his last story arc and would like to see something new from him in the coming months or did he left comics for good?

  2. Well, on BKV’s website his last posting is from a year ago, where he talks about working on a creator-owned mini-series and a huge original graphic novel. Perhaps either of these two came out or have been previous announced and I missed it but I’m assuming they are still in the works.

  3. where did he go? what greener pastures?

    Vaughan is said to be working on several film projects. IMDb has a list, and SciFi Squad’s Mike Moody has a piece on Y: THE LAST MAN, including this:

    Vaughan is reportedly working on a new Y script with Caruso and Disturbia co-writer Carl Ellsworth. 2011 can’t come soon enough.

  4. Will episodes of Lost be fired into space after the series is done? No. Will Lost be made into a series of napkins? No. Tasteful ceramics? No, er… dunno.