• The lineup for the Comic-Con Independent Film Festival is up…suggestions for must sees gratefully accepted.


• A partial list of exclusive toys, comics and tchatkes is also up, and while we’re not really able to stand in line for any of this stuff, who wouldn’t want Diamond’s Angry Stay Puft Man statue?

New Mj Glove

• In “We don’t know whether to laugh or cry” territory, there’s this story which claims that the one and only ORIGINAL Michael Jackson glove will be on display at the show.

In 1984, Michael Jackson swept the nation with his Victory Tour. He took the stage in his “Suit of Lights,” which included that famous (and possibly infamous) sparkling white glove. Created especially for him by designer Ted Shell, the glove glimmered with beads, rhinestones and 50 tiny light bulbs, and became one of the most well-known symbols of the King of Pop. Now, thanks to Profiles in History, which recently announced plans to auction off the glove, MJ super-fans have the chance to own this iconic piece of memorabilia.

Hopefully, they’ll have some kind of viewing line where you can just file by and pay your respects to The Gloved One’s glove, otherwise it could be a big traffic jam…if this story is even true.


  1. Well, since you asked:

    Saturday night: your feet hurt, you are wearing about 18 commemorative power rings (all at 95% ‘chafing’ levels), and you may or may not have a fractured clavicle from running into a guy (?) dressed as a Wild Thing. You want to bathe in Purell.

    So instead of going to your room to read Godland or going to a ritzy party (or lamenting that you never get invited to parties >cough