§ We did not link to Image marketing manager Joe Keatinge’s An Open Letter on the 2009 Harvey Award Nominations, which we should have done.

§ Tom Spurgeon interviews the great Carol Tyler:

SPURGEON: There are many significant memoirs out there in a variety of media. Is there anything about such books you wanted to avoid?

TYLER: I am and always have been nervous about inadvertently copying someone else or ripping off someone’s ideas. So I just kind of steer clear of all of it. Sad kinda, huh — I’m probably missing some great art/literature. When I go visit my parents in Indiana, we watch westerns. They have cable. Somebody’s always popping off a Smith & Wesson.

§ Return with us to the thrilling days of 1995! The Friends of Lulu blog is scanning in the original FoL newsletters!

§ This X-Men who-zoomed-who chart is MEGA.

§ Brigid rounds up news from Anime Expo.

§ The Houston Chronicle profiles Wednesday Comics, which is out THIS very Wednesday.

§ The UK Times Online profiles John Higgins’ RAZORJACK and puts up a 22-page excerpt — nice exposure.

§ Frequent Beat poster Christopher Moonlight interviews ROBOT 13’s Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford.

§ Sez you! Mom’s The Word: Making a collection doesn’t mean becoming a pack rat


  1. I find it funny how Wednesday Comics is getting all this press for being innovative, when this has been done before by various comic book companies, obviously smaller and without the media power of DC.

  2. Razorjack…reminds me that I paid for the TPB through instocktrades.com, and they have had it on back-order for well over a month. Time to send them a note.