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I would read the hell out of this comic.


  1. DC, please publish an animal anthology title!
    Krypto, Rex the Wonder Dog, Grodd…

    Put a dinosaur or ape on the cover, and it will sell!

  2. I love those old Silver Age Super stories. They are the wackiest stuff.
    Vypto, Nypto, and Zypto? Wow.
    They are presented in such a conservative fashion, with such a matter-of fact representational style, it gives them this wonderfully subversive feel.

    And yellow ink.
    Yellow everywhere. Lots of it in skies, on walls, everywhere.

  3. I wanna see a Zypto/Monsieur Mallah and the Brain team up. They better be alive in the DCnU. Please don’t let republican BW’s vicious slaughter of them survive the reboot. It was really gross.

  4. Torsten, if they pulled a Flash and made it suitable for kids and adults without marketing it as a kiddy book, it just might sell! After all, everyone seems to like a book with a gorilla on the cover. The trick would be to make it just as no-apologies over the top as the old animal comics, without getting post-Miller grim and gritty or Morrison-esque incomprehensibly trippy.

  5. Good God… bought my first DC comic in 1974 as a tiny wee lad. Read THOUSANDS of silver age comics… and somehow missed Vypto and Zypto and Nypto.

    I’d love to see those George Papp Superboys collected. I second reading the hell out of Vypto!

  6. I’ve been saying for years that a Super-pets anthology needs to be published, reprinting all these great Krypto and Bat-Hound stories. Something that might not get picked up by the hardcore comics fans, but it might appeal to the outside world.

  7. I’d love to have a bunch of Krypto stories in an Archive- or at least a Showcase.
    Wow. That Zypto story is wild. It’s like a year’s worth of stories if told today. And it feels like a puppy INCEPTION.