A big Marvel reboot, a midnight release of a previews magazine that reveals the state of Marvel after a big event called “Wars”…and a slow roll-out on everyone’s favorite rumour site. It must be Marvel Now (2016) right?

Well if you have any memory at all you may recall the leaks for All New, All Different Marvel just…last year, where the booklet for the relaunch was leaked early on Imgur, Bleeding Cool picked it up,, following retailer Dennis Barger posting the whole thing on Facebook, everyone else ran with it, Marvel got angry, fans argued and…

Wow deja vu much?

There was a lot of agita on the Tweetsters yesterday with comics pro angry about their livelihood being stolen by Monday’s MN’16 leaks, and Marvel railing against it and sites (even the Beat) picking it all up. But there’s also a bit of Kabuki theater to all this. Whenever a preview booklet comes out, whether from DC, Marvel or Image, a retailer leaks it somehow and Reddit, Imgur, Bleeding Cool or all three go to town. Marvel and DC must know this by now, and if they don’t plan for that part of the reveal in their marketing plans, they may just have been born yesterday. 

Here’s a suggestion: reveal the booklets online the Monday before they go become available to the public on Marvel.com. That’s how everyone gets their news these days anyway and that way Marvel can control the rollout. Otherwise, I’l be writing this same story in about a year’s time when Marvel announces the All Now [sic], All Different (2017) Marvel reboot. 

I rate this only five dumpster fires because everyone should know better by now.



  1. How is anyone’s livelihood being stolen by a spoiler, especially when its already being printed in a consumer facing catalog? Comics PR in 2016 is to spoil everything ahead of time to generate sales buzz. People preorder these books weeks in advance and the fanbase for superhero stuff is so locked in anyhow. If your’e a fan who truly cares about spoilers, you don’t look at the websites that post them. Don’t understand the argument at all.

  2. Seems like QB should be able to install a archive system where you could archive transactions before a set time period and then still having access to the archived transactions with a few extra clicks.

  3. Die vogelhuisjes? In de kerstboom hangen zeker???? Lief en schattig en…Leuk zeg, Sint Maarten!!! Waar we nu wonen wordt het niet zo gevierd, maar vroeger als kind liep ik ook zingend met een lampion van deur tot deur en later gezellig uitdelen. Aaah, die goeie ouwe tijd…Groetjes en veel plezier!Marian

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