Okay rarely at the Beat do we issue a direct order but we’re playing that card. We want you to STOP reading this post immediately and go to this link and pledge some money for Maria Paz Cabardo’s film BETTER THINGS: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones. DO IT. All finished! Great get a cookie!

This is a documentary that Cabardo has been working on for years. It’s about an artist who lived an unusual life but it’s mostly about the creative spirit and what it does to people. Jones died during the making of the film, and this is her final testament to the world.
You can view the trailer for the project above. Cabardo writes:

Begun in July 2009 and finished in October 2012, the documentary feature BETTER THINGS: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones was initially funded by donations and loans from friends and family. Much of the work for the film was done either on a volunteer basis or for deferred payments.

This Indiegogo campaign represents the next step in my film’s journey — bringing the final product to audiences everywhere. If I meet my goal, I will be able to pay my outstanding production debts and also complete a companion DVD of supplementary material to accompany the feature. With the recent passing of both the subject of the film and the internationally famed artist Moebius, who was interviewed extensively for the project, it is more important than ever to communicate their thoughts and ideas as well as those of all the artists appearing in the film.

To me this movie—made by a sensitive and ambitious film maker on a fascinating subject—should be why crowdfunding exists. $3000 of the necessary $30,000 has been raised. Let’s get this movie out there, people.


  1. As a lead-in to Spectrum Fantastic Art Live last May, Maria premiered a rough-cut of BETTER THINGS to a theater full of artists—and received a standing ovation at the conclusion. She’s created a fascinating and thoughtful documentary on a shoestring budget and has overcome a lot of hurdles along the way. There are a lot of crowd-funded projects vying for everyone’s attention these days, but I would encourage anyone that can to get behind Maria and give her the support this film so richly deserves. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. I cannot thank The Beat and Spectrum Fantastic Art enough, they have been very generous supporters of the film. So were a lot of folks in the artistic community. These are the people who invested their time and good vibes — and provided the fuel to keep me going. It was a very long journey towards completion, and coming from the Gaming and Comic Book publishing industry, I had to knock at countless doors in the film industry — every step of the way. 90% of the doors stayed shut, but 10% opened. That 10% made a huge difference and got me this far. Thank you.

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