Can you name your top five female Batman artists? Yesterday DC solicited four new statues and one figure for January 2014. Among that list is Nicola Scott’s Batman Black and White Earth 2 statue design. Scott mentioned on her Facebook that she is the first female to design a Batman B&W memento. I did some research and it looks like she’s not wrong. Someone with too much free time on their hands (coming from the guy writing about Batman statues) updates the Batman Black and White wiki page (not the most creditable source but it’s all I could find) and it looks legit, unfortunately.


Here’s a list of creators:

Neal Adams

Neal Adams – Man-Bat

Jim Aparo


Sergio Aragones

Lee Bermejo

Lee Bermejo – Joker

Simon Bisley

Brian Bolland

Brian Bolland – Penguin

Cliff Chiang

Darwyn Cooke

Tony Daniel

David Finch

Patrick Gleason

Kelley Jones

Bob Kane

Sean Murphy

Sam Kieth

Andy Kubert

Joe Kubert

Jim Lee

Jim Lee – Joker

Jim Lee – The 52

David Mazzucchelli

Ed McGuinness

Mike Mignola

Mike Mignola – Variant

Frank Miller

Dustin Nguyen

George Pérez

Paul Pope

Frank Quitely

Eduardo Risso

Marshall Rogers

Alex Ross

Steve Rude

Steve Rude – Catwoman

Tim Sale

Bruce Timm

Ethan Van Sciver

Matt Wagner

Then I got to thinking about a female artist that could design a comparable remembrance of the caped crusader. I’m drawing a blank, and there’s no “Female creators that have worked on Batman comics” wiki page to reference. There’s a history of female Bat-editors that have guided the character but a smaller list of female artists and writers for that matter. It makes me sad to think the “man” in Batman is taken bit too seriously.

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  1. Jay: “A” Woman has worked on Batman. becky Cloonan was the first female artist to draw a regular issue of a Batman comic.

    Amanda Conner has definitely done some statues of Catwoman and Power Girl.

  2. Don’t forget Adrienne Roy … as a colorist, she probably holds the record for having her name in more Batman comics than anyone else … with the exception of Bob Kane …

  3. Ramona Fradon drew most of the 70s Super Friends series, so while she never drew “Batman” the series, she drew Batman the character many times.

  4. Wait, “first female to design a Batman B&W memento” – seriously? Do you know who the first Albanian-American was to win the Ms. New Jersey Contest?

  5. While I love Nicola Scott’s work, I really didn’t care for her work on Earth 2. Maybe it’s the costumes, maybe it was the deadlines she had to keep, but this costume is even more unflattering in black and white(as well as gray).

  6. Ramona Fradon worked for Bob Kane as one of his ghost artists. Supposedly, one of her first jobs was inking a Batman story.

  7. Meh. I wish it wasn’t Earth 2. Heck, a Black and White Catman from Scott’s Sinister Six run would have been more interesting. A Wonder Woman statue based on her art would be amazing. She is a very underrated artist.

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