Perhaps I have not been as focused on this matter as I should be, but it seems that several people close to filmmaker Zack Snyder have been defending his vision, and hinting that a lot of the movie was done when he left and Joss Whedon rode in to save the cat. There’s Justice League DP Fabian Wagner; and frequent Snyder collaborator Larry Fong, who keeps putting up stills from Batman V Superman and then this somewhat far-fetched interpretation of some tweets.  And now the Zapruder tape of the matter, some tweets from  DC storyboard artist Jay Oliva who

confirms that a Snyder Cut of the movie exists out there somewhere. Those close to the DC Extended Universe director had hinted he was further along with the movie than first expected, but now fans can take it as fact.

…Posting on Twitter after writer Mark Hughes denounced the existence of a Snyder Cut, Oliva told followers, “Zack isn’t the kind of director who creates the film in the edit bay. It’s all planned out meticulously from beginning to end. That’s how MoS and BvS was done.” The debate continued until Oliva reiterated that fans “are responding to people saying that the Snydercut (prior to Whedon’s involvement) does not exist and is not a cohesive story because Zack left.”

It sounds to me that maybe possibly a rough Snyder cut might have existed at one time but hardly the polished version Snyder-cut truthers would wish to see – so not exactly “out there somewhere.” More like “once upon a time.” And it’s probably not something we could legally see even if someone did save it on a hard drive somewhere.

I think when you add it all up, Justice League has to be the stupidest, most avoidable movie disaster of all time. HOW did a movie featuring all of the greatest superheroes of all fail to create more than a tiny ripple on the surface of movie goers minds? HOW did no one have the faith in the material to just let it be, but instead set a whole studio to tinkering? Also, WHY are so many people set on defending the work of the man who made Batman v Superman, one of the most risible movies of all times?

Perhaps the lesson of both Solo and Justice League is don’t publicly remove your directors no matter how badly they are doing – by the time the dust settles everyone will have made up their mind that the movie is no good. jl2

And so the myth of the Snyder Cut – whether it ever existed in any watchable form or not – will continue to intrigue and pass the time of WB/DC Kremlinologists. Justice League was so pleasant and bland that they won’t rest until they can find a version that they can REALLY hate.

Meanwhile, at least it gave rise to one great headline: Here’s AT&T’s Response To Fan Asking To Release The Snyder Cut:


  1. “And so the myth of the Snyder Cut – whether it ever existed in any watchable form or not – will continue to intrigue and pass the time of WB/DC Kremlinologists.”

    Somehow, this doesn’t excite me as much as, say, the Orson Welles cut of The Magnificent Ambersons (which has never been found). Or the original Welles cut of Touch of Evil, or Sam Peckinpah’s cut of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (both restored). Not to mention the 8-hour cut of Greed …

  2. I hope never to see a Snyder cut of JL. The whole DCEU pivoted drastically wirh the changes to that film and there is therefore little point in releasing a redundant movie

  3. I wish I’d never seen the director’s cut of Donnie Darko. It spelled out things that were better left mysterious and enigmatic.

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