There are now a ton of job listings up at the WB job board for DC’s new West Coast set-up. Among them publicity and strategy and planning and print and even editorial. We looked at this a few weeks ago, and now even more content and managing jobs are posted, including a Director, Business Strategy and Planning to go along with the Manager previous listed. Are there going to be ANY indians in this village? Some good jobs there, though.
PS: Newsarama reports that DC has hired a Director of Publicity, one Michael Shelling , filling the role long ago vacated by Alex Segura.

Publicity Representative

Director Business Strategy & Planning

Senior Editor

Director Business Affairs

Director Print (Books)

Group Editor Collect Editions

Manager Archiving Services

Director Talent Relations

Social Media Manager

Vice President Content Strategy

Manager Publicity

Assistant Editor

Director Sales Planning

Manager Business Strategy & Planning

Vice President Comic Book Specialty & Newsstand Sales

Vice President Manufacturing Operations

Vice President Mass & Digital Sales

Creative Associate Live Action