The LA Times catches up with Frank Miller in a lengthy profile by Geoff Boucher. It seems since the 300 premiere, Miller has been out in Hollywood doing the rounds:

Miller, who is 50, was given a hero’s welcome at the premiere of “300” in early March and arrived at the glitzy after-party to find movie stars eager to shake his hand. He lingered in town to talk to actors (including one notable “Sin City” star) about key roles in “The Spirit” and found that the hotel bar was a great place to write the screenplay. He’s been soaking in the L.A. scene and taking meetings, among them a giddy visit to the office of Richard Donner, director of the 1978 “Superman” as well as the “Lethal Weapon” films, where Miller tried to soak in some lessons about directing. Donner, though, came from a moviemaking era when Hollywood took an amused and parental approach to comics fare, and while Miller reveres the veteran filmmaker, he also said he will be making movies that are as wild and fire-breathing as the modern graphic novel.

This interview touches on Miller’s changing relationship with Hollywood, upcoming directing turn on THE SPIRIT, controversial political views, and the looming HOLY TERROR, BATMAN, which might be making DC execs squeamish.

The book is still not out, and in the industry there is the general sense that the project has stalled a bit. At the W, though, Miller said about 120 pages of his Batman tale have been drawn and inked and he’s starting in on the “final 50 or so.” He said he plans to finish it even though he senses squeamishness by executives at DC Comics and its parent, Warner Bros. Entertainment, in sending a franchise character on a blood-quest after terrorists. The topic is clearly an uncomfortable one for him, and he gave the impression that the title, the distribution deal and the nature of the project are in flux.


  1. From what I’ve heard, DC has had scripts for several issues on hold, while they and he have been waiting for Jim Lee to catch up.

  2. Great point Chris. Frank has had lots of projects in development hell, like Jesus (pun!).

    All-Star Batman blows. Hard. If I was Frank, I’d ditch it before someone notices that he hasn’t put out a great, or even good, comic in several years (my humble(?) opinion).

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