It’s been a while since we checked in on The One True Bruce, but with his cameo in this week’s SPIDER-MAN 3 looming, we thought it was time for an update. The above photo was stolen wholesale from The Bruce Campbell Blog, a very useful resource that we should have been checking far more often. That links us to an interview at that includes much talk of MY NAME IS BRUCE, Spidey, and Bruce’s upcoming return to TV via the USA Network series BURN NOTICE, in which Bruce plays the SIDEKICK in an ex-CIA led team of do-gooders. Sidekick??? What the– but it seems Bruce has it all in hand, of course.

IESB: Do sidekicks get more of that chance to be that weird and off beat character?

BC: Absolutely, sidekicks don’t have to bring the medicine back to little Billy. Sidekicks can make horrible mistakes and screw up and go get drunk and whatever they normally do.

The interview has much on the usual topics: Evil Dead 4, Bubba Ho-Tep 2, and a possible NY NAME IS BRUCE 2. (In case you missed it, in this Dark Horse produced film, Campbell plays Bruce Campbell, as actor recruited to save a town from some kind of undead horror.)
MEAnWHILE, MY NAME IS BRUCE writer Mark Verheiden has MORE on MNIS at his blog and it’s shocking news:

* The Bruce Campbell epic MY NAME IS BRUCE will be screened during the Cannes film festival (no, not in competition!) as we continue to plot for a theatrical release.

Cannes! USA! Spider-man! Sounds like Bruce has plenty to keep him busy.


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