Al Feldstein and JErry Robinson at SDCC 2008
Al Feldstein and JErry Robinson at SDCC 2008

Tomorrow at 9 am pst, noon est the big one gets underway, the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Darby, the Masters — registering for a 2015 San Diego Comic-Con badge. The day before the big event, the con has posted a The Ultimate Comic-Con 2015 Open Online Registration FAQ and let’s be honest, it is made to weed out people who can’t follow instructions:


Q: Where is my Registration Code? Did you email it to me?

A: Comic-Con did not email registration codes for Open Online Registration. To access your personal registration code, log in to your Member ID account and select the “Registration Info” tab. Your registration code will be displayed under “Registration Details.”

The rest of the procedure has many steps, but then does any path to true enlightenment. Instant gratification is not the path to moksha, grasshopper.

In answer to MANY MANY questions posed to me, PRO REG IS NOT DUE TOMORROW.


For those who are not “verification due.” both of these, as well as “industry support staff” the mystery third group little known to us comics types (that all those people who work at entertainment booths) will have their registration at a FUTURE DATE., Registration for each will be open for a few weeks for each, until the quota is filled, and while I don’t anticipate a gold rush, probably staying alert is a good idea.