Comics Allianceis yet another general interest comics blog that launched recently. We meant to link to it a while ago, but what with one thing and another, it got driven clear out of our mind. Anyway Comics Alliance is notable for being an AOL-affiliated blog, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t jealous of the groovy sidebar with a calendar of events, covers, polls and other snappy doodads. Anyway it’s a solid effort by proprietors John Anderson and Chris Dooley.

Anyhoo, we mention this because we’re stealing our very first link from Comics Alliance, Gabba Gabba Hey! which WAS linking to a swell animated video of the Ramones singing the Spider-Man theme song, directed by LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE’S Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris. Alas the video has removed by Viacom. Oh well. Of course, it took us about five minutes to find ANOTHER YouTube upload, so hey ho! Let’s go anyway! This will be down in no time, we’re sure.

The song was from the Saturday Morning Cartoons’ Greatest Hits album of 1995, when many more Ramones were alive than now. The album, which we own, contains such things as Wax covering “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy” and Helmet covering “Gigantor” which is fun but not as good as the Dickies version, which is one of the greatest things ever recorded.

We know that artistic rights clearances and so on make this video stuff subject to all the laws of intellectual property and what not, but it would be nice if such things were readily available, for real and legally, right? *sigh*


  1. Odd tidbit: there was a comic book created to promote the CD. Available at Tower and a few other retailers the first two weeks of release.

    Every musician that appeared on the disc made a cameo in the book.

    It was a jam book, so just about every musician was rendered by a different artist.

    Chris Bachalo did the Ramones section.


  2. I also recall that there was a TV special connected to this album and its music videos. It seem to recall someone like Drew Barrymore sitting on a couch eating snack food between the various videos. One of my favorite albums!


  3. I forgot to add that, though the music videos are wonderful, they are interrupted far too often by Drew and her fellow “hosts.”

  4. I know, badMike, but sadly I cannot access my templates, and no one at RBI will update them. SO what you see is what you get.

  5. Hey ho, let’s go! Many thanks for the kind words about Comics Alliance, Heidi. As it turns out, we now have the original, super-awesome video featuring the animated Ramones back up on the site … at least until another cease and desist letter goes out anyway : (

  6. I thought that was Drew Barrymore… strange. That version is 100 times better than the Aerosmith cover from the first movie’s soundtrack.

  7. Yes yes yes, this is a fantastic album that everyone should own.

    My shoutout? Well that would have to be for Reverend Horton Heat’s “Johnny Quest Theme / Catch That Pigeon” or maybe the Violent Femmes “Eep Op Ork Ah Ah”

    “Hold on baby, we’re blasting off!”

    — Jonathan

  8. haha!! :D Thanks Heidi, never seen that before!

    And like others said, that song rocks!!! The Ramones is one of the best versions of the SM song ever!!!