We get a lot of PR from Archie but hardly ever look at it. Today we did and we found out that the Riverside gang is kind of turning into Scooby-Doo

“California Dreaming Part One”: When news of Archie and his friends’ worldwide, mystery-solving adventures (see ARCHIE & FRIENDS #117 through #120 for details) spreads, it isn’t long before Hollywood comes knocking. MGG Studios exec Perri DeLane is sure the gang will be a hit, and takes them to the Catalina Comic Con to unveil her latest franchise.
Later, the “Minute Men of Menace,” a gang of thieves who pull off their crimes in lightning-fast fashion, crash a swank invitation-only party that the gang are attending… and promptly kidnap all the celebrity guests! Can Archie and his friends solve yet another mystery so hot on the heels of their European tour? Is the plot of their movie being written before their eyes? These questions and more will be answered (maybe) when you read this intriguing tale!
SCRIPT: Alex Simmons. ART: Fernando Ruiz.

Also, the realistic style Jughead soldiers on:

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