With the upcoming seasons of Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and Supergirl‘s popping over to the CW to join the others on the same network; it seemed like it was only a matter of time before all four series crossed-over.

Now we now how that will happen: The Dominators are coming. 

Created during the Jim Shooter run on Adevnture Comics, The Dominators are a conquering alien race that utilizes genetic manipulation in order to enhance their own abilities and conquer weaker planets. One of their most noteworthy tales was their role in the creation of the SW6 Legion of Superheroes, prompting a pretty great spin-off title in the process.

The Dominators were, of course, also the major threat of DC’s Invasion event.

Marc Guggenheim has stated that fans can expect to see the crossover “make use of cutting-edge prosthetics and computer effects to achieve a feature film-quality look” for the villains, and thusly it’s safe to assume the respective series will hew fairly closely to The Dominators’ classic razor-sharp teeth, lanky frames and red-spot sporting heads.

No other details have been released at this time, but seeds will surely be planted starting next week with the season premieres of The Flash and Arrow.


  1. i think that dc has had the right idea, keeping their movies and television shows as two separate universes. this way they can use any and every character they want in the tv shows and not have to worry how such use effects situations that are going on in the movies, and the same rules apply for the movies as far as the tv shows are concerned. it really is a lot of fun watching all these characters in the tv shows interact, with more and more characters being introduced as each new season rolls on. this season superman makes his debut in the dc television universe, the cool thing is that they could bring in batman, wonder woman, green lantern, etc. and it’s all good ’cause it has nothing to do with the dc movie universe. i’m assuming (but could always be wrong) that eventually we’ll end up with the story line of “crisis on infinite earths” bringing all these shows together. i know hindsight is 20/20, but it’s a real shame that marvel didn’t follow this formula. sometimes it seems kind of strange that you don’t see certain movie characters show up for at least one or two episodes of the tv shows that are on the air. for example, in an episode of shield a group called the watchdogs commit an act of terrorism and then call out the avengers as their reason for existing. so a bunch of shield agents show up to fight these guys, but not a single avenger.? not even the widow and/or hawkeye ? another example, shield has a whole season dedicated to the inhumans and not one member of the inhumans royal family shows up? especially when the inhumans movie was nixed. yeah, i know , sif, ghost rider, and deathlok have shown up on shield, which is cool, but how about daredevil or cage showing up, or maybe mockingbird and hunter showing up on daredevil. maybe doctor strange showing up in the upcoming iron fist series to deal with the more mystical aspects of the iron fist. yeah, right, like any of those examples will happen. that’s the problem with having the movie and tv shows in the same shared universe. it’s very unlikely (more like, it ain’t gonna happen) that you will see characters in the movies show up on one of the tv shows (tho’ we do see characters from the movies show up in each others movies, which is great),but maybe marvel can have characters from one tv show up on another tv show, but i ain’t holding my breath waiting for that to happen. anywho, thanks for letting me rant.

  2. I also think that a difference between DC and Marvel is that Marvel has an icon in Stan Lee that effectively *is* Marvel whereas DC is decidedly a collective identity in which no one person can be said to represent DC. So Marvel has a core identity that is reflected in Stan Lee but DC has multiple individuals making decisions that are in no way easily a representation of DC to the public.

    I even doubt that the division to keep the film and tv universes was actually made at Warner Gilm but just happened organically and that’s just fine by whatever powers that be. Hell there’s at least four story tracks at DC — film, television, animated films, animated series and of course comics — all of which have separate storylines, sometimes multiple storylines, going on.

    It’s mess and highly entertaining.

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