By Steve Morris

I suppose the smart-arse answer to that question would be “Disney”, but this actually refers to a teaser released today via Diamond (of all places), and features another of those one-word slogan teasers Marvel are loving right now. This time round the word is “Superior”, the creative team are not mentioned, and all we’re told is that this is something to do with January.

Guesses are rampant, with some people questioning if this has something to do with Marvelman, others wondering is this could be about the aftermath of Amazing Spider-Man’s issue #700, and others still wondering if this might be a book about Emma Frost attending antiquing fairs and reading The Huffington Post. This is a completely vague teaser, with no signs whatsoever of what it could be.

At New York Comic-Con, Marvel are going to offer a sit-down with the writer of this project, who remains unnamed at this time. Could it be Mark Millar, bringing his superman-esque character over to the regular Marvel Universe? Will it be a high-profile writer like Neil Gaiman or Warren Ellis, returning to mainstream work? Will it be a cool celebrity who has no concept of a deadline? We’ve got no idea. All we have is that one word teaser. That mystery writer could be anyone, at this point.

But it’s not me. So you can cross that one off your list, at least. And I’m pretty certain it isn’t Torsten, Todd or Jen. It might be Heidi.


  1. If “superior” refers to “homo superior” maybe they’re retconning Spidey’s powers again so he can be a mutant.

    Maybe he can Rogue animals, and the spider was just the lucky devil to spark his mutant power.

    Hey, let’s hope not.

  2. You could really be onto something there. What if it IS “homo superior” and they’re reversing M-Day? Gregory I think we should share co-credit for this theory shall we shake on it?

  3. I believe Superior is the leader of the new Marvel Now-era Great Lakes Avengers, appearing in the book Superior & The Great Lakes Avengers.

  4. I’m wondering if they’re bringing Millar’s character from Icon’s “Superior” into the Marvel U.

  5. And here I took it to mean that Marvel Comics are superior to DC Comics… period.

    They do have a period after it. ‘Nuff Said!

  6. Getting a vision of the Beatles. Because of “REVOLUTION”. And “Mother SUPERIOR jumped the gun”. Was that any help?

  7. Superior makes me think Superman
    Superman makes me think Captain Marvel
    Captain Marvel makes me think Miracleman
    Miracleman makes me think Sentry

    I’m going with Sentry.

    Superhero comics are a weird, incentious, thing.

  8. @Guiliano – is the Sentry not dead? Didn’t he die at the end of Siege or Dark Reign or something… (a waste of the character too by doing that)

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