By Steve Morris, UK Correspondent

This year London Super-Con surprised us all by netting Stan Lee as the guest of honour in only their first year of existence, leading many to wonder how they were going to top themselves for 2013.

And while they haven’t yet announced the guest of honour for their second year, their initial line-up is a pretty ferocious list of talent:

Neal Adams – best known for his legendary runs on Batman and Green Lantern/Green Arrow.
Mark Buckingham – artist on the critically acclaimed MiracleMan & Fables.
Peter David – writer on The Incredible Hulk for 12 years and numerous other titles.
Gary Erskine – illustrator of Judge Dredd, The Authority, Hellblazer and Dan Dare.
Klaus Janson – famous for his work on Daredevil and the seminal Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.
Bob Mcleod – co-creator of the New Mutants.
George Perez – best known for Crisis on Infinite Earths and Teen Titans.
Matteo Scalera – Marvel artist on Deadpool and Secret Avengers.
Roy Thomas – writer of Conan the Barbarian, Avengers, X-Men and many more.
Herb Trimpe – mainstay Marvel Artist in the 70’s and 80’s and the co-creator of Wolverine.

A pretty impressive list of big names, I’m sure you’ll agree. London Super-Con’s policy is to reveal ten creators a month until the convention itself begins, at the end of February. And consider this a reminder to all the American creators above – don’t forget to bring heavy raincoats with you. And a reminder to Glasgow’s own Gary Erskine – don’t forget to bring shorts and sunscreen.

Given the list so far, it could be time for another fun round of “speculate the special guest”. It’s probably not Steve Ditko, but given the various X-Men creators and co-creators above, my guess is going to be Chris Claremont.


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