1. Vertical always has interesting stuff. Definitely curious about Message to Adolf, and The Limit sounds intriguing too.

    The Star Wars Reader’s Companion is the kind of book that would be outdated by easily-searchable databases on the Internet, only they’re including extensive original illustrations of scenes from novels, which sound rather delicious.

  2. Wonder if that Beatles book will have the time The Thing and the Torch met the Beatles, or that time Jimmy Olson became a red headed Beatle in caveman times.

  3. What a fantastic list, Torsten! This will be a great holiday season.

    I hope you don’t mind me mentioning another title for your readers that Archie is proud to be offering through our distribution partner Random House: The Art of Betty & Veronica, the collaboration between our long-time editor Victor Gorelick and Craig Yoe on Archie’s first-ever deluxe hardcover art book, scheduled to release in bookstores on November 13, ISBN 978-1-936975-03-7.

    Thanks for the great list!

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